In an Unequal War, We Are Defending Freedom and Human Dignity
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An epic resistance is being displayed against the occupation attack of the politic islamist colonialist fascist Turkish state and its murderous hordes. Alongside the YPG, YPJ and SDF forces, international fighters are also taking place at the fore fronts. An anonymous letter written by an MLKP fighter from International Freedom Battalion has reached:


"When it was said 'going to defend Afrin', a glow of excitement filled inside me. A message came to the International Freedom Battalion in which we were present in Raqqa in the morning, 'OK, we are going to Afrin' was what it said. The happiness we felt after freeing Raqqa from ISIS fascism gave place to excitement, I was climbing the walls. On one side we started preparing for the departure, and on the other side we were discussing how we will defend Afrin. After we said goodbye to the comrades in a short time, we reached the gathering center so as to set off for Afrin. Here, the gleam and excitement in the eyes of the comrades beggar all description.
It was evening when we arrived Afrin. People were on the streets, families were wandering around with their children. Markets, shops, etc. were all open. On the day I came, fascist invading Turkish army hit the center of Afrin with warplanes. Despite these attacks, the people of Afrin was saying 'we will not leave Afrin, no matter how much you hit with your jets, tanks, howitzers, we are here, on the streets'.This vividness of people raised my desire to go to the front line immediately. We reached our point in Afrin. After we fulfilled our longings with each other and took the briefing about the field, we were told to go to the front line in the next day. Next day, we took the road to Rajo with our vehicle. When we arrived our point in Rajo, friends were watching news on television, chatting and on the other side, howitzers were falling around us like raindrops. After waiting for couple of days under the howitzer fires, we passed to the Hec Halil village. Here, the villagers had not left, were continuing their daily life. They were carrying out any kind of duty about the defense of the village at the same time. Folk poems sung by one of the comrades together with his baglama at that night sounded to us like victory cries of our epic resistance tearing off the sounds of howitzers.
After the night we spent singing turku and folk poems, we headed to Kure village in the morning. My destination was 3 km's from the border. When we came to Hasan village, we continued on foot due to heavy howitzer shelling and surveillance flights. But we were forced to go back to Hasan village after howitzer shelling intensified. Here, we found a safe point and started to wait. The point we stayed was very open to the howitzer fires, but the walls of the house were very strong. We tried to hole the wall looking at the road's side to go out in case of an emergency. The constructor who made the wall made it very well, to tell the truth. It caused us a lot of work. After a while our team leader arrived and we headed off again. As we were going to the Kure village through the olive trees, I felt happy coming to a green nature after staying in the dessert for a long time. Olive groves, mountains, hills of Afrin were hiding us from the invading Turkish army's planes and surveillance. We reached to the Kure village after a 3 hours walk.
This village was close to the border and emptied due to intense howitzer and tank shelling. Animals were wandering idle in the streets. Our forces deployed on the field and in the village dispersedly. Our friends were carrying out an operation to the fascist invading Turkish state's soldiers and gangs on the Avesta hill. That day, invading forces suffered many casualties. We had performed a successful action against the convoy of the gangs at the point where we positioned a day before and all the comrades were in good mood. Next day, 3 of us left for scouting. We were very close to the place where Turkish soldiers and gangs were. After completing scouting, we came back to our point and made a plan. At the dawn, we made the action and hit the enemy vehicle with a rocket. One hour later, heavy rocket, howitzer, tank strikes started to hit the Avesta Hill. Despite this heavy shelling, we didn't leave our emplacements. Meanwhile, we saw a Cobra helicopter headed to our comrades on the hill. We stood in line and started raking through the helicopter. Helicopters received blows also from the opposite hill by DShK and one of them fell down. There were lots of casualties from gangs and soldiers and they started to run away. Two dogs standing near to our point were wounded by the howitzer pieces. We tried to protect them and took with us.
After the helicopter fell down, the point where we positioned was hit by a barrel bomb. We had martyrs and wounded comrades. We carried our wounded ones to a safe place under heavy howitzer bombardment. After delivering our martyrs to the comrades, we deployed on the field again.
After a few days, I went back to the Hec Halil village to pass another area. I met with a friend when I arrived the Kure village in the evening. I learned that the point which the plane hit was his home. When I mentioned about the dogs, he said one of them was his and his name was Polat. He was very happy when he learned that he was alive. He asked whether he could come with me to see Polat. I couldn't meet with his demand since I was going to a different area.
A few days later, we passed to another area. Surveillance plane was on top of us as always. Howitzer, jet, tank shelling was going on constantly. On the Ceylan Hill which was 1,5 km distance from the border, we positioned under the olive trees. One day later, the enemy took some hills around us.
In the morning, we went for scouting to a field sighting the border. Meanwhile, we saw an enemy vehicle on the move from the border, we deployed on different positions with the comrade with me and made shots. You never miss the chance for action when you are scouting. The vehicle was hit, but we didn't get the result we wanted since our weapons were inadequate. We stepped back a little and started watching the vehicle. It quickly ran away to the border post.
The 2. biggest army of the NATO, a technically strong army. Fascist Turkish state who likes bragging whenever there is a chance, was seeming weak in front of guerrilla style struggle. Incapability of a state army against YPG-YPJ fell its prestige through the floor.
When you look at the world map, you see Turkey before Afrin. Yet, despite all the unequal opportunities and conditions, the people of Afrin is displaying a glorious resistance in the name of all the oppressed peoples against the invading Turkish state and its gangs. The people of Afrin and our Rojava revolution are defending itself. In an unequal war, we are defending freedom and human dignity. With whichever technique the invading Turkish state attacks, the victory will be the resisting people of Afrin. Biji berxedana Efrine!