“Behind Every Olive Tree, We are Standing and We Will Be”
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In the letter written by the MLKP fighter, Sinan Kaya, resistance days against the fascist invasion are told. The letter with the title "Behind every olive tree, we are standing and we will be" is following:


"The resistance against the occupation which politic islamist fascist Turkish state and its gangs started to strangle the Rojava revolution is in its 50's days.
Before the occupation attack, fascist dictator Erdoğan declared that they would get Afrin only in three days. The people of Afrin and its valiant fighters showed to the whole world that these words were just nonsense far from reality and a pale black propaganda. Now, the high mountains of Afrin, its villages built with full hearted diligence are relentless and determined resistance footholds against the fascist Turkish army and its gangs. Every top of hills, distances between stones and trees are like a home of fear for them to hesitate to take steps. Because we are everywhere, we are behind the olive branches which they name this occupation attack.
As MLKP fighters, together with the comrades from the International Freedom Battalion, we are in the defense of Afrin. We took place among the resistance forces at the fore front lines of Jinderes, Mabeta and Rajo fronts. We have fought for defending this hard-earned, built and developed revolution and not giving passage to enemy and we are fighting.
In the Mabeta line which I took place, we succeeded to block the attacks of Turkish army and its gangs with a struggle costing lives for days. Responses against the attacks, our operations carried out to take some villages back have stopped the advance of the enemy for a long tine. In the last two weeks, the enemy attacks has intensified. They invaded some of our villages with warplanes, surveillance and heavy weaponry attacks.
Invasion area is in sight with bare eyes from where we positioned. We are seeing them, we follow their movements. But they can't see us. That's why a big part of each day, they spend on surveillance activity with armed-unarmed unmanned air vehicles (IHA and SIHA). As soon as we hear the sound of these vehicles from the air, a voice raises from all the emplacements: 'Heval keşif heye, hareket nine.' (comrade, surveillance here, don't move).
I watched a speech of Binali Yıldırım, prime minister of fascist Turkish state on a TV channel during the resistance. He was saying 'They are hiding, they can't dare to face with our hero soldiers'. We laughed and skipped at the moment. Because on the battle field, the facts are on the opposite. The enemy avoids fighting hand to hand against the resistance will. For that, it uses its technical power intensely. Warplanes, helicopters, missiles, howitzers and tanks are shelling our lines constantly. At a time, it was over 500 howitzers and missiles they fired to the village with 100 houses at most where we were situated. They want to occupy the areas we hold, fascist invaders are getting mad since they can't achieve a fast advance against the resistance. They can't make a move to the villages until they get the hills where our comrades take watches despite all difficulties. Those hills now, are the most important fronts of a defense which gives martyrs.
Bombardment to the villages on the front line continued during the cease fire negotiations. Every day, air strikes, heavy howitzer and missile shelling were made. The enemy are hitting the civilian areas to make the people who have sustained their daily life even under war conditions leave from these areas. But, this is not so easy. Because the people of Afrin has no intention to give away their free lives, their homes and lands of revolution to the invading forces.
Civilians in the region alongside the fighters have positioned themselves according to the needs of the resistance. They are on duty delivering some logistic and ammunition needs and taking guns in their hands at some watch points.
They don't stop despite various obstacles. One of them was Heval Rewşan, who resolved the food problem of almost all fighters in Dimilya village on his own last week. You can't skip without mentioning his efforts. Whenever he sees us, 'Heval tiştek lazım?' (comrade, do you need anything?) he asks. His diligence despite his age shames us. Such that while he was coming to our point to ask whether we needed anything, a howitzer was thrown very near to him. He was in dust and dirt, when he came to our point limping but he asked the same question with the same smiling: 'Heval tiştek lazım?'. Seeing Heval Reşwan like that even filled our hunger, took our thirst. We couldn't find a word to say other than 'Her biji yoldaş' (long live comrade).
When the bombing sounds stop and the voices of children are heard, there is only one thing in mind at the front line. There is no way other than winning, we will take all those villages the enemy invaded back one by one.
Arabic and Kurdish fighters greeted the fighters of our internationalist battalion with a great joy. They were surprised first, but the existence of fighters coming to defend the Rojava revolution became an important source of resistance spirit for them too. There are people who knows the MLKP and the presence of our party in Rojava, but internationalists coming from Europe gave a different boost.
Our forces, which positioned at the front lines since the beginning of the Afrin resistance, became a part of an undying energy. Along with taking place at the watch zones and the emplacements, preparations for clashes which will happen street to street in the villages was carried out shoulder to shoulder. With the experiences we got from Raqqa and other war fronts we took place, we have taken some steps about preparations for a city war which will take place in the village.
The attacks which the enemy carried out with intense technical power became means of gaining new experiences and developing the resistance. Every struggle for defeating the IHA's which the fascist Turkish state and its gangs use for surveillance also challenges the field sovereignty of the enemy.
On the day when a Greek comrade from the International Freedom Battalion was heavily wounded due to severe howitzer strikes, Icelandic fighter comrade Şahin and I also stayed under bombardment on the field. As we were going for change at the watch point on the hill, we positioned on the field due to SIHA (armed unmanned air vehicle) raking. Arabic fighters returning from the hill, on the other hand, exposed to the rocket attack of the SIHA without taking any positioning and two fighter were heavily injured. While one of the injured comrades who we made his first aid on the battle field, was brought back to the village by his group, the other wounded comrade stayed on the field with us for a long time due to continuing howitzer shelling. And when IHA left for a bit, we carried the other injured comrade to the village swiftly since his situation was getting worse. During the same hours, heavily injured Greek international fighter was also carried to a village away from 1,5 km by another comrade under a difficult situation. After the attacks, we hugged each other with the comrades at the Hevya Sor (Kurdish Red Cross) point, we were glad that we had not left our wounded on the open battle field.
When the Dimilya village and hill where we stayed for almost 20 days were occupied after the enemy attacks carried out under warplane and tank shelling, we positioned in Bedina village which is another village at the front. The enemy destroyed all the houses of the village, on the side looking at the road to Dimilya village which it knew that we would position inside against its attacks, with heavy tank, howitzer and missile strikes. During the attack, our point in the two floored building was also torn down with a missile strike. Leaving the wreckage without getting injured but covered with dust and dirt put a smile on the faces of the comrades who were waiting to hear from us. Jokes from resistance field genuine to there started to follow one another. One comrade said 'contractor had stolen from the building material' which made us laugh very hard.
Two enemy attacks to the village were responded with a resistance and they were forced to retreat with the vicious respond. In the first attack, they retreated with their casualties and in the second one, a more violent clash happened. 30 gang members were killed in this clash while the freedom fighter had no casualties. The attack turned out to be a big debacle for them. Our immortal martyr comrade Özgür played an important role in this clash. He both gave morale to the forces and caused heavy losses to the enemy.
Action news coming from other fronts while we are trying to prevent the enemy from advancing at the Mabeta front strengthen our resistance will even more. Bringing down a cobra helicopter with biswing during an action in our area also became a salute we sent to the other resistance fronts.
These mountains, which, were wet with the blood of Avesta, Tirej and Xebat. As long as the memories of our martyrs and wounded bind together with the determination of unyielding, never-bowing freedom fighters, they strengthen our emplacements as a source of resistance.
Each day passed with the resistance in a life sacrificing mode is a precursor of our victory. We will prevail, there is no other way."