From Gazi to Qamislo, We Resisted Against Massacres
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From Gazi to Qamislo, We Resisted Against Massacres...

Despite the Massacre Attacks, the Torch of Victory Burning in Afrin!


Fascist dictatorships are the enemies of all oppressed social sections. Numerous times we have witnessed this fact. Just as we did in Turkey, in the massacres of Gazi and Ümraniye. All despotic reactionary dictatorships are the enemies of the oppressed. Numerous times we have witnessed this fact; just as how we did in the Qamislo massacre!

No matter in which period or identity, the historical truth does not change. In order to protect their power, those fascist reactionary despotic dictatorships have always carried out massacres and genocides by attacking brutally and rascally to all our oppressed peoples. In 1995, on the 12th of March in Gazi and 15th March in Ümraniye quarters, the fascist Turkish state attacked to our Alevi people, killed dozens and left hundreds wounded. Again in an other 12 March (2004), the reactionary Syrian dictatorship carried out a planned massacre in a soccer match; after killing dozens and wounding hundreds of Kurdish people, it kept on the massacre by arresting thousands that filled the streets.

The crimes of the colonialist Turkish and Syrian dictatorships against our peoples and the oppressed are countless. Kurds, Alevis, revolutionaries, youth, women, laborers and all the oppressed sections have always been on the target of these dictatorships. However, while these dictatorships unite under the massacres, those who fight against them unite in the fields of struggle. There have been many people in the ranks of Rojava revolution, who have passed through the struggles against Gazi massacre. The MLKP martyrs Ruhat Aşkara ve Erdal Demîrhan who fell in Afrin, became immortals by fighting against these two massacrer states.

We will not allow new massacres to happen in Afrin!

Together with its rapist gangs and the support of the imperialist and reactionary collaborators, one of these colonialist and massacrer dictatorships, the Turkish state, is now attacking to our free Rojava; our Afrin, our women revolution and our freedom. For the sake of the continuity of their dark power, they are giving all their effort to strangle the light of revolution rising from Middle East with the Rojava revolution.

Wherever there is an exploitation, genocide, massacre, we will be there against them; just like these rebellious, insurgent, unyielding, valiant sons and daughters of the Gezi and the Gazi. Just like Arin Mirkan, Avesta Xabur and İlam Kobanê who came to the fore as fedayeens to defend the Rojava revolution. Our immortals are showing us the path. We will resist by being equipped with our immortal's firm faith and loyalty. The will of those who challenge the slaughter in Afrin will be our guide. The freedom flag they raised will continue to fly! Afrin will resist, fascism will be defated; our peoples will win!

The martrys of 12 March Qamislo - Gazi are immortal!
Şehid Namirin!
Long live our Afrin struggle!
No pasaran to the occupiers, genociders and colonialists!


MLKP / Rojava