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We celebrate the 6th anniversary of our Rojava Revolution with a great hope and determination. And with respect and loyalty, we do commemorate all woman and man fighters who have been immortalized for this revolution, which actually is the present of all our martyrs.


The revolution fire which was flamed in Kobane, on 19 July 2018, quickly spread over the whole parts of Rojava and made the so-called impossible real; the revolution started. The revolution broke the chain of colonialism and shattered the yoke of the Baas regime over the peoples, especially the Kurdish people. Kurdish, Assyrian, Syriac, Circassian, Turkmen, Armenian nations, as well as all religions and beliefs reached to freedom. The strangling of peoples among each other by the colonialists was abolished.


Together with the Rojava Revolution, which is also a women revolution itself, many important steps have been taken towards women's liberation. The most organized and free system was built for women movements and masses.


The most libertarian and the most egalitarian revolution arose in favor of workers, laborers, poor, women, the young and the children. Rojava has turned into a garden of peoples, beliefs and freedoms.


The Revolution brought hope to peoples, fear to the sovereigns


The colonialist fascist Turkish state, the enemy of the peoples and freedoms of the region, became the most frightened one of the Rojava Revolution. It saw Rojava's existence as a threat to its own cause and therefore showed its hostility at every turn. The colonial fascist Turkish state has done everything to strangle the Rojava Revolution, the hope for humanity. It supported those fascist and reactionary gangs like ISIS, El Nusra, the Free Syrian Army and make them attack to our revolution. Kobanê, the city that sparked the flame of the revolution, gave one of the most honorable resistances of the world history against those occupying barbarian flocks. At the expense of thousands of martyrs and war veterans, Kobanê defeated ISIS along with the fascist Turkish state through an epic of resistance.


While our revolution have been progressing with great determination and sacrifices, those attacks never stopped. But, by the heroic actions of thousands of woman and man fighters, there have been given one of the most honorable resistance of the history.


This continuous tradition of resistance starting from Kobanê to Efrîn, is the mark of our will that we will fight for our freedom, whatever the price. Today, the resistance in occupied Afrin continues under this will and faith. The fascist Erdoğan and his colonialist state on the other hand is still thinking that they could strangle our revolution, take our freedom by occupying our Afrin.


The hope is in force!


On the 6th anniversary of the victory of the Rojava Revolution, we declare that, whatever the price might be, the occupiers will be expelled and Afrin will be liberated. This is the command of the revolution and of the martyrs and this will definitely free Afrin as well.


The hope and the future are both reside in the Rojava Revolution. For the future of the peoples of the world, but particularly of the region, the fires like Rojava Revolution have to be grow and spread. This we will succeed. We will continue waving our revolution's honorable flag, spreading the flames of revolution to the four winds. All attacks of those occupiers, colonialists, fascist gangs will be defeated. Now it is the time to protect our revolution and expel the occupiers.


In the imperialist globalization world system, one of the main purpose is to make the oppressed humanity desperate and weak. Our Rojava Revolution is a challenge by itself to this mood of defeat. And it should not be forgotten that resistance leads to victory, whereas despair leads to defeat. With the Rojava revolution, the hope stands firm and it is in force.


Against occupationism, colonialism, fascism; only way is the revolution, only way is resistance!


Down with occupationism, colonialism and fascism


Long live our Rojava Revolution!


12th of July, 2018

MLKP / Rojava