Hail to the United Resistance to Stop the 73. Genocide of Yazidi!
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We respectfully commemorate our hundreds of people who have been murdered and all the warriors martyred while trying to prevent the massacres, in the 4 th year of the Kurdish people being exposed to the genocidal attacks of barbarian ISIS gangs.
In Shengal, our Yazidi people, on August 3, 2014, were subjected to massacre attacks by AKP -supported ISIS gangs, and hundreds of people were killed during these attacks. Thousands of Yazidi, most of which were women, taken prisoner. Treacherous KDP administration stayed in the audience to this massacre and its peshmergas in Sengal fled and voided the area, leaving it vulnerable. Tens of thousands of Yazidis had to leave their houses, their land.
The ISIS gangs, taking the support of the AKP and the reactionary regional states, aimed to totally abolish the Yazidi society and to commit genocide. They publicly declared this with religious references. If it had not been the HPG guerrillas who handed up the help of poor Yazidi people in the last minute and the YPG-YPJ and MLKP forces, who pulled out the people to the safe areas by opening the corridor from Rojava, then repelled the gangs, it would be such an easy accomplish for the gangs. After the massacre of the Yazidi, the Shengal and its environs would be completely occupied, and the Rojava revolution would have been taken to the full siege. The United revolutionary resistance and struggle have wasted those plans.
While the capitalist-imperialist world states were just watching the massacre of Yazidi, the revolutionaries took their side with an enduring struggle. As a result of a challenging struggle, with hundreds of martyrs and wounded, and the resistance of the armed Yazidian laborers, the ISIS gangs were defeated. Our Yazidi people survived a new edict. While this salvation was met with happiness in the world laborers, the whims of the fascist Tayyip Erdogan and the gangs were sticked in their gizzard. Dictator Erdogan, who is hostile to all beliefs outside of Sunni Islam, showed that he could not tolerate the defeat of the gangs he supported, and showed this by bombing Shengal with airplanes after it was liberated. He tried to do what he could not do with his gang. By collaborating with regional reactionaries and the KDP, he directed to liquidate Yazidi's free consciousness and institutionalizations that emerged with resistance.
Immediately after the occupation, our Yazidi people, who founded the resistance units, did not fight this struggle solely against the ISIS gangs. At the same time, this resistance was against the line of betrayer and collaborator KDP. The main responsibility of the spread of Shengal's salvation over the years is on the KDP. While it was entirely possible to liberate Shengal with a unified move, the KDP had not been willing to evaluate this opportunity for months. It demanded that the forces of the HPG-YJA STAR, YPG-YPJ and MLKP, the saviors of the Yazidi people, be got out from the area, and that YBŞ, Shengal's self-defense force, be dismantled. It resorted to all kinds of conspiracy and provocation for this.
The KDP administration, which has made the PKK 's existence a crisis for years, escaped again from Shengal and its surroundings after Mosul was taken from the gangs. This time, it left the sacred lands for Yazidis to the reactionary Hasdi Shahbi forces. The KDP and Barzani administration once again revealed that their main problem was with the PKK, the forerunner of free Kurdish consciousness. They showed this embarrassing fact when they were leaving Kirkuk and its surroundings to the same forces. Once and over again, those who had been a bully against the patriots who had worked democratically in Hewler and Makhmur, had escaped without even looking back when seeing Hasdi Shahbi.
This fact should always be kept in mind. Our Yazidi people should not forget the betrayal of the KDP, who had left them to the ISIS massacres and then to the forces of Hasdi Shahbi. Forgetting is opening doors to new massacres. Our Yazidi people, through succeeding in protecting their freedom, which was won by hundreds of martyrs, and the self-defense forces, which is the assurance of this, can prevent both new massacres and self-governance, revealing that all these sufferings are not in vain.
The way for our Yazidi people to walk must be the resistance of the martyrs, the Berkşan's, the Shengal's and the Berivan's.
We salute the victory of the United Revolutionary struggle and our martyrs immortalized for this purpose. With the Shengal massacre, we share the sufferings of our Yazidi people. We urge our Yazidi people to organize and improve their self-governance, to close ranks tightly around the YBŞ, to increase resistance to massacres and betrayal. We believe that the poor but honorable people of Êzidxan will put forth a worthy practice.


Long live Our Shengal Struggle!
Long live the Struggle for Honor and Freedom of the Oppressed Peoples!
Şehid Namirin!


3 Ağustos 2018