May the Resurrection Day August 15 Be Blessed!
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The August 15th breakthrough is a resurgence and a breakthrough in terms of the struggle for the national liberation struggle of tens of thousands of martyrs, the sacrifice of our laboring patriotic people and the struggle of the Kurdish national liberation on the shoulders of nameless heroes. Hail to those who give their blood and lives to this move, those who have become immortals for the sake of Free Kurdistan. May the August 15th breakthrough be blessed for all the components of the freedom movement and especially the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The share of the revolutionary people's war and the guerrilla struggle, beginning with August 15th, is major in the achievements of the Kurdish people up to now. The pioneers of August 15, which acted against the colonialist fascist dictatorship, acted with the consciousness of the legitimacy of the armed struggle and demonstrated their claims of freedom by their actions, raised the honor of the Kurdish people. August 15, is also a challenge movement against the September 12th military junta. The way of guerrilla integrated with the people was laid with pioneer outputs like August 15. These struggles reveal big gains for our peoples starting from Kurds, and our peoples of Turkey and the Middle East, suggesting the possible victory of the organized popular resistance.

Today, the Rojava revolution in the Middle East where peoples live free, equally and together is the product of such a struggle. And the fever of the August 15th leap continues to burn in the Rojava revolution.

The process we are going through shows that the spirit of August 15th must be raised in all areas of war and struggle. It is a pioneering, organized, resultant action and struggle that will ensure the preservation of existing achievements and, if necessary, the further expansion of the revolutionary fires. Our united revolution is our free and dignified life struggle, and it will continue to learn from this resurgence.

The revolutionary martyrs pioneered on all the fights that created our gains and the August 15. The victory of these struggles is the most concrete aspect of the commitment to the martyrs. To be worthy of our martyrs is to ensure that our revolution spreads throughout the Middle East, and for this, the struggle for equality and freedom of the people must be raised in every field. We believe that those who created the spirit of August 15th will grow in resistance to the united fighting fires and the common victory.

We celebrate the resurrection day of August 15th on the 34th anniversary, and we bow with respect in front of the memories of all our martyrs who lead this process. We celebrate the August 15th resistance and resurrection day of the prisoners, the guerrillas in the mountains, the strugglers in all areas of life, the relatives of martyrs and all our PKK comrades, especially the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Long Live the Revolutionary Solidarity!
Long Live Our United Revolutionary Struggle!

Long Live Freedom Long Live Socialism!