We will Ask for the Account of Atakan Mahir and Pülümür Martyrs!
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Fight is the work of those who have gone through life in a plain and bold manner. They are the master of life, that is, love and resist. Comrade Atakan Mahir, who dedicated 26 years of his life to uninterrupted fight, is a life teacher at the same time. He is the seeker of the truth and the consciousness in the lands, which is his soul. He is a revolutionary, He is a companion of trenches, He is a commander.

Comrade Atakan met the youth struggle while continuing his university education in İzmir at the beginning of 90's, and after a short time he moved to free areas and joined the guerrilla. The 90's were a challenging and costly period of struggle. It was after the darkness of September 12, when the Kurdish people raised to the Serhildan s, when the revolutionary movement recovered and ascended. It was a period when the fascist dictatorship attacked the revolutionary struggle with all kinds of political violence such as torture, forced disappearances, mass massacres. It was not easy to be a revolutionary-patriotic in these years. To take part in the struggle for the freedom of ignored national identity and belief especially as a Kurdish-Alevi, necessitated heavier compensation.

Comrade Atakan Mahir was a determined revolutionary who took his nurturing from these difficult circumstances. When he decided to pursue his struggle in the mountains of Kurdistan, he walked off all his ties to not return, never looking back. Almost 26 years of guerrilla life starts like this for Comrade Atakan. He is a laborer, a simple unpretentious revolutionary. He is very attentive and sensitive to his comrades and has a high level of love for peoples. He is interested in theory, politics, organizational problems and he is productive. He has a great affection for Bakur Kurdistan. In particular, Dersim is the city of fight, the land of truth for him. He makes the first participation to guerrilla here. He knows almost every rock, hill, cave, every man and tribe village by village. He spends approximately 20 years of guerrilla fighting in Dersim. His tactical and strategic mind share is great in permanently positioning of guerrilla there not to be dispossessed in spite of all the attacks. He withdraws from Dersim in the process of peace negotiations, but his mind and spirit are always in Dersim, in the Black Sea, and in the struggle of spreading the guerrilla warfare to the west.

Comrade Atakan Mahir, carried out the tasks such as the member of the Central Committee of the PKK , the HPG Commanding Council and the Central Headquarters Command, with great mastery and modesty, while at the same time being the leading commanders of the united revolutionary struggle. For the development of HBDH works, this proposals and perspectives, the effort to find a way, a method is sublime. He devoted himself to the development of united struggle practice, which served as a commander in the development and systematization of the Joint Command of the Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement. When he fell as martyr, he was in charge of both HPG Dersim Field commander and the joint commander of HBDH at the same time.

Pülümür martyrs attended the caravan of immortals in an assault of the fascist Turkish state in Dersim. Atakan Mahir and comrade Roni Munzur, who died together with 8 comrades, were immortalized in the fight against colonialism, a committed and dedicated guerrilla struggle. The Tens were unbeatable in a one-on-one fight. For this reason, Tayyip Erdogan dictatorship and its mercenary gangs could only take off with planes and high technique against the Tens. But it was only the bodies of these immortal martyrs that they could shoot in airplanes. The Tens, from Pülümür, gave the glory and invincibility of the hope to the whole geography, sang the victory of the revolution.

We will not drop the flags of Atakan Mahir, Roni Munzur and his comrades, who are martyrs of our united revolutionary struggle. It is our duty to ask for the Tens' account. We will achieve their ideals by raising the united revolutionary struggle.

Hail to the Honorable Commander of the United Revolution, Atakan Mahir and his Comrades!
Hail to the martyrs of the Revolution!