Appeal to the forces of the TKP / ML in front of our working class, the women, young people and labouring peoples!
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July 30, 2018 / Central Committee / Declaration / Year: 2018 No .: 3

As we know, discussions about disagreements and practical attitudes within the TKP/ML ended with the announcement of a split. From the beginning our party tried to prevent this split, which she was convinced could be avoided. Her thoughts on this subject were conveyed through meetings to our revolutionary comrades, who confronted each other in two parts. It was suggested to the confronting parties to organize a collective solution platform, which would correspond to the right of the TKP / ML, in order not to divide this state into a split, whereby it should be announced in advance that the will resulting from the platform would be accepted. Unfortunately, these efforts have not stopped the will to split.

Both sides who wanted the division and who insistently argued that it was unavoidable did not show the necessary common sense to lead possible problems after the split. They did not seek a way of understanding. They did not seek the possibilities of a collective solution platform involving the revolutionary parties and groups they deemed appropriate, or other options.

With the unacceptable attitude of turning to fascist states "solutions" today, making declarations that expose the forces and opportunities to risk, they have come to a point of applying methods that the fascist regime can use as an opportunity, which can create new problems. By holding back the discussion, whose share has been as high as it has been, we have reached a stage in which the sides of this current as a whole have struck in a very dangerous direction. Leaning on the legitimacy of revolutionary comradeliness, we address all sides that have chosen the separation of the TKP / ML:

1) In response to these activities, we invite them to put an end to the attitudes whose ideological and organizational account will be very grave in solving some problems over a revolutionary justice-revolutionary legality platform made up of revolutionary parties and groups, that they consider appropriate,

2) to refrain immediately from addressing the "solution" of the fascist state,

3) make no statements that endanger forces and opportunities and deepen problems,

4) to impose a ban on gossip and propaganda, which decipher the cadres and possibilities of the TKP / ML, endanger their organizational security and disseminate secrets for which people have accepted death, and to chase away those from their ranks who do not stick to it.

5) Our further thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions will continue to be given to both parts which bear the same name and symbol, taking into account the right of revolutionary secrecy and revolutionary comradeliness.

No to "solution" methods that ignore ideological values!

Long live the revolution!

July 30, 2018

MLCP Central Committee