Down with Imperialism, Long live Revolution!
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We heard that the US imperialists have put a bounty on the heads of our comrades Cemil Bayık, Murat Karayılan and Duran Kalkan, the three executives of KCK and PKK . Apparently, these imperialists are declaring that they will reward dishonor and decayedness with millions of dollars. Let's put it immediately: Even all the dollars in the US banks come together, they will not make a value as equal to one single revolutionary. No one with honor would disdain to be an instrument to this dirty trick.


The Edict is Theirs, but the Mountains are ours!

This decision of the US imperialism is a counter-revolutionary step aiming for the liquidation, a special dirty war tactic which carries different messages for the Turkish state, its collaborators in the region and the Kurdish liberation movement. However, in the presence of our peoples, it is null and void, doesn't worth a cent.

The self determination is the most fundamental right of our Kurdish nation. And fighting against the obstacles in front of this right is also a right and a moral duty. PKK is a political party which struggles for the national democratic rights and freedoms and it gets its legitimacy from our peoples, from its fight for this just cause. And its leader cadres are all respectful revolutionary figures.

The colorful lists of the Turkish fascism, the bounties of the US imperialists or in general, the "wanted" decisions of the exploitative states against revolutionary, patriotic, communist parties and personalities have no legitimacy at any condition and ground. All of those are nothing other than the policy that they appeal for the continuity of their exploitative orders.

PKK and its leader cadres are the creators of a history that challenged the great powers; a history which has worn out at least 6 USA presidents, buried tens of fascist, capitalist state presidents. Therefore, we have no doubts that their mountains and comrades will have a long life enough to throw the insolent imperialist Trump and his collaborators to the dustbin of history. Already, there is no death for those who fight for revolution!


Imperialists are the Enemies of Revolution!

The imperialist USA wants to use or change the existing balances in the Middle East for its own interests. There is no way that it would not choose to appeal for this sake. Because what is essential for them is their interests. The responsibles of the death of millions of peoples in many places around the world, in Vietnam, Latin America, and lastly in Irak, are now imposing their own norms of thuggery. Those who have been doing all kinds of people enemy massacres and attacks cannot judge the vanguards of the peoples with their bloody identities and hands.

By willing to apply the same imperialist conspiracy against the leader cadres of PKK and KCK, which they did against the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan before, the USA is trying to restrict the Kurdish movement and create a disruption in its ranks, but at the same time, it is giving an open support message to its collaborator Turkish bourgeois state in the matter of PKK.

The aim of the US imperialists is clear, needless to say more. In this sense, the stand of our peoples must be clear as well. Starting from our patriotic Kurdish people to all peoples of Turkey; individuals, organizations, associations demanding freedom, justice and peace must rise up their voice against this decision of the imperialists together with the attacks of the Turkish bourgeois army that they support, and say "stop" to this dirty war.

Up to now, those who make mountains their home and the revolution their way, have never looked for a consent or approval from nobody while challenging the order of cruelty. As the vanguards of a struggle which gets its power from the people and the oppressed, they will not fit into any kind of terror lists. Their place is in the hearts of the peoples; their power is in the support of the millions. No law or state has managed to prevent this will hereto and there is no power to prevent it hereafter.

As MLKP, we do protest this imperialist decision against our comrades of struggle, the leader cadres of KCK, PKK and HPG , and call our peoples to rise up their voices everywhere and to go out streets with the slogan "Fascism and Imperialism will be defeated, Resisting People will Win!"