We are Greeting PKK’S 41st Year of Struggle! We will Defeat Fascism Together!
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PKK has left behind 40 years of struggle that is knitted with great sacrifices. Now this history, which is created at the cost of blood and life, is greeting a new year of fight. We are greeting the 41. year of PKK, the party of the martyrs and struggles, with excitement and comradely feelings.


Within this 40 year, thousands of heroes immortalized under the flag of PKK for freedom and honor. The march column that started with Mazlum Doğan, Hayri Durmuş and their comrades, has been followed by many valuable martyrs extending to Nudem Nurhak, Nalin Muş, Delal Amed, Atakan Mahir, Zeki Şengali, Rızgar Gever who fell martyr recently. The creators of this history is a caravan of tens of thousands of heroes under their leadership. On this wise, with respect and loyalty, we are commemorating our immortal martyrs, who carried PKK up to today, as well as greet all forces of freedom following their footsteps.


It is Abdullah Öcalan, who has the leadership and great labor in PKK's appearance in the stage of history, as well as in every phase of the 41 year of struggle. We are celebrating the 41.. year of struggle under his guidance. For many years, those fascist colonialists, who suppose that Öcalan's isolation could take him away from the peoples and the party under his leadership, couldn't manage to change the reality of Öcalan that resides within the hearts of millions of peoples. On this wise, we are greeting the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan with the slogan "Free Öcalan, Free Kurdistan", and condemning the isolation torture imposed upon him.


A unifying and Combatant Vanguardship


What is written in PKK's 40 year of history is the uprise of a nation with all its women, youth and elders marching for honor and freedom. We have no doubt that the 41. year will be as so.


Carrying the freedom fire started in North Kurdistan to the other parts, to Başur (South), Rojhilat (East) and Rojava (West), PKK has organized the unity, resistance and resurrection against the colonialist oppression in the four parts of Kurdistan and become a unifying and inspiring force for the peoples of the world by earning their respect and love.


Our Kurdish people, who presented the Rojava revolution to the 21st century, has taken this road under the vanguardship of PKK and marched with its light. The level that PKK has created in the women's freedom and equality struggle, became a gain for all women of the world. The fact that "Jin Jiyan Azadi" is now chanting almost in all languages, is the symbol of this vanguardship of PKK. We are greeting all our women comrades fighting for this cause.


Let this be our promise for the 41. year of struggle that we will grow much greater resistances and greater victories together with our comrades in arms that we are standing shoulder to shoulder in the Rojava revolution, in Turkey, North Kurdistan and many cities in Europe; in our unified struggle under HBDH (Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement ) and KBDH (Women's United Revolutionary Movement), as well as in all kinds of revolutionary-democratic struggles.


To the greater Victories in the 41st year of Struggle


Kurdish people has also created great sentimental values under the leadership of PKK. Self-sacrifice, loyalty, honor and freedom, which cannot be comprehended by those looking to the world behind the imperialist, capitalist and decayed glasses, became the spring of being undefeatable in this struggle. For this tough period that we're passing through, we carry no doubts that those who impose liquidation, betrayal and decayedness upon the Kurdish forces will once again remain unable to satisfy their desires.


We believe that in this 41st year of struggle, the free women and the vanguard youth of Kurdistan will play their role and enable the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and all revolutionary prisoners to be free, as well as bring new victories to the fight that will defeat fascism and colonialism. Neither the colonialist Turkish fascism nor the US or European imperialism, which are marketing the decayedness for million dollars, could prevent this.


Once more we are celebrating the 41. year of our comrade party PKK, the leader of the awakening of Kurdish people and of Kurdistan in four parts. We are promising to bring victories to our united revolutionary struggle extending from prisons to the free mountains of Kurdistan, from the trenches of revolution to the barricades in streets. This word of ours has been sealed with the blood of our martyrs who fell in the mountains and war trenches all across Kurdistan. To be worthy of our immortals, is our binding duty and word of honor.


Glory to the Martyrs who are the vanguards of the 41. Year of Struggle!
Glory to PKK in its 41. Year of Struggle!
Long live our United Revolution Struggle!


November 27, 2018

MLKP Kurdistan