Against Occupation Attacks and Fascist Terror To the Streets, Action, Resistance!
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Fascist, colonial occupation attacks to Mexmûr, Shengal, Afrin and Rojava continue. 4 patriotic women aged from 13 to 73 were murdered in Mexmûr, which was bombed by warplanes. In the same attack, the Tayyip Erdoğan leadership, which also murdered 3 civilians in Shengal, systematically, increasingly and recklessly threatens millions of people who live in Rojava and Northern Syria. Women and civilian killer AKP continues its war preparations.
Erdoğan and his gangs, who carried out massacres in Mexmûr, Shengal and Afrin before the eyes of the world, have now turned their faces to Rojava, which they call the "East of the Euphrates".
These attacks, which took place at a time when revolutionary forces of Rojava reached the final stage of effective operations against ISIS gangs, became one of the indicators of the organic relationship between the bloody gangs and the Erdoğan administration.
The War of the Tyrants and the Political Islamist Capital
Before the election, they want to keep their melting coalitions together before the masses, to stop these developments with the intimidating atmosphere of the poison of chauvinism and war policies, and to stop the progressive accumulation of society.
They do not tolerate even the slightest movement in society, because they are weak. The violence, attacks and state terror, which are becoming more and more reckless every day, are carried out to cover these weaknesses.
They cannot tolerate the smallest organized behavior on the street, in the party building, even in institutions like the HRA (Human Rights Association). From Saturday Mothers' sits to hunger strikes, they are afraid of all kinds of actions.
In Imrali, they are trying to spread the isolation attack on the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, to all prisons, but they face the resistance of the prisoners. The hunger strikes initiated by Leyla Güven and the network of solidarity woven around her set them in panic. The waves of the economic crisis began to turn down the poor lives and even the followers of fascism have rebelled. The millions who struggle to survive are also staying in a dilemma of existence-absence. The streets are getting hotter. They are afraid of the yellow vest actions in France, and fear to death from a new Gezi process. In such circumstances, they hurry to start the Rojava invasion to prevent further actions. Because they hope that the war mongering will suppress all kinds of objections.
To be clear, the lives of hundreds of thousands of people are in danger to be sacrificed for the future anxiety of a handful of capitalists and fascists led by Tayyip Erdoğan and his collaborator Devlet Bahceli. This applies not only for Rojava and Northern Syria, which are the target of these attacks. At the same time, the lives of all the peoples of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan depend on a handful of colonists and bourgeoisies' destiny. The battle on the agenda is the war of the bourgeois moneybags and reactionary fascist religious traders. Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to put into an endless war vortex so that they can continue to benefit from their blessings.
AKP- MHP coalition led by Tayyip Erdoğan has become a serious threat to the peoples in Turkey, along to all the peoples living in the region.
With the United Resistance to Stop the War
The Erdoğan and Bahçeli duo, who want to go to elections in this war atmosphere, will be able to apply to all kinds of cheating and non-legitimate practices. In the upcoming local elections, the winners have already been announced. No matter what the people vote, they will be able to declare an appropriate outcome for their power, just like the June 24th elections. They will try to block the elections with the threats of oppression, persecution and terror in Kurdistan, with arrests and attacks and with the threat of "whoever will be elected, we will appoint a trustee".
Fascist institutionalization will be deepened not only in elections, but in every field, from economy to politics, from local governments to the judiciary. The state of emergency will be normalized. The oppression and repression will surround the entire society. Isolation, violence and massacres will be imposed on our Kurdish people through genocide, ISIS policies against the Alevis, women and seculars will be used. All the parties, including the CHP , will be forced to obey to the fascist chief. Otherwise, they will open the doors of Silivri or another prison.
If these war policies are allowed, if one stays silent and watches them doing what they want... This fire will burn everyone but everyone for sure.
Today is the time of the millions of people, who are against occupation and war, to go to the streets. Today is the day of the rising revolutionary action. It is possible to neutralize fascist state terror and war policies with all forms of struggle. The only way to do this is to expand the street-based struggle in a united, revolutionary line. To defend the Rojava revolution means not to allow a dirty war of occupation. To set up barricades defending the revolution means to stand beside those behind the barricades, who stand for freedom and hope. It means mobilizing for honor, freedom and revolution!
No to the Fascist Occupation War!
Long live the Rojava Revolution!
Colonialist Fascist Occupiers Will Be Defeated, the Resisting Peoples Will Win!

MLKP Kurdistan