All Hail To The Rebellion of Our Sheladize People!
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The colonial Turkish state forces once again attacked our people with their bombardment planes on January 23, killing four people in Shêladizê and carrying out a new massacre.

Our honorable people living in Shêladizê responded to this attack with a rebellion and raided the colonial Turkish state's base in Sîre. They burned the vehicles for war and occupation. They captured two of the colonial soldiers who opened fire to the people and handed them over to Peshmerga. A 12-year-old boy was killed as a result of the fire of the colonial powers on the base. A flock of killers who could not digest this rightful reaction of our people to the colonial powers was attacked by planes, helicopters and armed UAVs. During the attacks, another person from the people died.

The colonial Turkish state founded dozens of attacking and intelligence bases in South Kurdistan. From the bases in Turkey and in the mountains of those under occupation, it attacks the guerrilla in the mountains and our people. It has massacred hundreds of people, both from guerrilla and civilian people until today. The rebellion of Shêladizê against the occupier, massacrist Turkish colonialism and its practices is justified and legitimate.

The colonial Turkish state cites the PKK 's presence in the region of its occupation and attacks. This justification of the Turkish state, just like its attacks and existence, is illegitimate. Bashûr is part of the Kurdistan territory. The PKK is a party that fights for free Kurdistan. Every quarter of the land of the Kurdistan country is the battle field of those who fight against the colonists. Each patriot and socialist patriot in preparation for the revolutionary war in this land is just and legitimate.

The colonialist Turkish state forces deliberately slaughter the non-guerrilla patriots and terrorize the region. Thus, it aims to destroy the guerrilla which it plans to isolate by forcing people to flee. Our people do not allow this by upholding the patriotic dignity at the cost of death, but at the same time show the way to fight against other occupation bases in the region.

The government of the South Kurdistan Region gives room for the massacres by opening base areas to the colonial Turkish state. As if it was not enough, the regional government accuses our people of hatemongering, raids their homes, arrests them, misleads the issue by holding the existence of the PKK responsible for the massacres and deflects the target.

The effort to justify massacring our people is causing great harm to the Kurdish national freedom cause. Instead of the national unity against colonialists, the attempt to take side on the side of colonialists does not yield any other result than national suicide. The government of the Kurdistan Region must close all the bases of the colonial Turkish state, arrest the killers who murdered our people, and prevent any colonial Turkish state attacks against the South Kurdistan.

All patriotic forces must adopt and spread the Serhildan of our Shêladizê people against the colonialist massacres, and must act in accordance with the Kurdish national unity against the colonialists.

The colonialist massacrist Turkish forces get out of the Bashûr!
Long Live the Rebellion of Our Shêladizê People!
Biji Kurdistana Azad!

January 28, 2019

MLKP- Kurdistan