Let's Break Isolation In The 20th Anniversary Of The Conspiracy, Destroy The Colonial Fascism!
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In the 20th year of its realization, the international conspiracy of February 15th is being met with resistance fires that grow everywhere, from the dungeons to the streets, the mountains, the poor laborers' houses, from Europe to Rojava. The hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Güven continues with determination and as a challenge against both the international components of the conspiracy and the colonialist fascist Turkish state. Those who uphold the resistance opened their own path by saying "we didn't yield to your conspiracy, we will win no matter what."
As known, with the 15th of February international conspiracy, Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan was captured by US-Israeli intelligence and handed to the fascist Turkish bourgeois state. This conspiracy was developed against the Kurdish liberation struggle which had started to break the system of imperialist sovereignty in Kurdistan and in the Middle East, in the beginning of the century. The aim was to dissolve the freedom movement, to sustain the Kurdish genocide, to protect the colonial status quo, and to break the will of the people.
In the name of PKK leader Abdullan Öcalan in the Imrali dungeon, the denial, destruction and genocide attacks to the Kurdish people were elevated to a new level. All kinds of domestic and international law were ignored and an absolute isolation was imposed against the Kurdish people's leader Öcalan. In the process of deepening isolation in the last 7 years, the extermination plan intensified in Northern Kurdistan, occupation attacks to Rojava and Efrin, detentions, arrests and trustees came to the fore as visible forms of fascist state terror. For this reason, the hunger strike, which was initiated to break down the deepened isolation in Imrali and other dungeons, was the banner of the total resistance against fascism and colonialism.
The Conspiracy is Defeated, Resistance and Freedom Struggle Continue
The Kurdish freedom forces, which they tried to destroy with the conspiracy, overthrew the colonialist yoke of the Syrian regime with the Rojava revolution. Each success made the Kurdish freedom movement a pioneer of regional revolutionary development. It raised the dream of freedom of the peoples of the world. It not only destroyed the colonialist, genocidal status quo of the region states, but also became the base of resistance, island of freedom for the peoples.
The surrendering which is targeted with the international conspiracy hit the freedom will of the Kurdish people. Resistance continues to grow in the 20th year of the conspiracy. Rojava revolution won the respect and support of the peoples of the world. The growing resistance increased the struggle will not only of the Kurds but also of peoples of the region. It was seen that the imperialist yoke, the fascist genocide, colonialism could be overthrown by the united resistance of the peoples. The conspiracy is in vain, the conspirators are defeated.
In the 20th anniversary of the conspiracy, let's further expand the struggle against isolation, for the abolition of the imperialist yoke, the fascist aggression, the destruction of the colonialist, genocidal regimes.
Victory; will belong to those who fight for honor, equality and freedom, those who resist for the price of life.
Down with the international 15th of February conspiracy!
February 14, 2019