On 8 March; to Strike, to Streets, to Rebellion!
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8 March, the international struggle day of the working, laboring and the oppressed women is approaching. By stopping the life in houses, streets, workplaces and factories, we are preparing to say "we were, we are and we will be!" in every place producing life, love and humanity.

We're not alone. The women's strike fire that spread over the world, the women's rebellion and solidarity are strengthening our hope and struggle. We are fighting within and at the forefront of the struggles of the working class, laborers and the oppressed; we are growing together with them. We continue to produce in all streets and houses of the world, in millions of workplaces and factories. With our labor, body, mind and emotion, we are enhancing and beautifying the life.

There reside our sweat in the grown up children, seed in the soil, machine, oil, fabric, bread... There is our labor in growing and enriching all the values of humanity, so as in the unguarded sacrifice, unlimited love, mind unified with heart, childish curiosity... In all freedom struggles of the world, we are shedding our blood, giving our lives.

We were, we are and we will be! In every field of life, in each of its particle, we are with our visible and invisible, known and unknown share and participation. That's why, if we stop, then life stops as a whole. On this 8 of March, we are marching for the women's strike to show the existence of women in life, to claim their rights and lives, their labor and bodies, as well as what they produce and create.

Our struggle will not start on 8 March, neither will it end on that day. With a great courage and insistence, we will continue to fight against patriarchy and its most savage mouthpiece, the fascist chieftaincy regime.

As women, we are the workers of Flormar, marching at the forefront of the struggle against the grave consequences of the crisis, bearing against those who are trying to impose the bill of the economic crisis to the workers and laborers, but to serve its fruit to the bosses, to the exploiters.
We are Leyla Güven at the forefront of the struggle for removing the isolation, challenging the fear and submission atmosphere that the patriarchal fascist chieftaincy regime wants to grow.
We are the students of Kadriye Moroğlu High School, growing the rebellion to kick out the harassers from high schools, going out to the streets against the sexist education system, becoming the vanguards of the youth struggle.

We stand with our women voice and color against the escalated expenses of all basic needs of our poor houses and expel the canvassing fascists of AKP from our neighborhoods.

For the municipal elections, we are preparing to kick the trustees out from Kurdistan.

We are rising the united struggle of women everywhere against the sexual abuse law, the legitimization of rape, severe imprisonments for our self-defense actions, acquittance for murderers of women, imprisonments of women political leaders, murders of women revolutionaries.

The patriarchal fascist chieftaincy regime fears from women's struggle, power and their unity. It wants to build an intimidated, resigned society upon the slavery of women, where these women slaves would raise the obeying generations. It tries to erase, root away the "gender equality" from everywhere, trying to persuade that a woman is different than a man and has no place in the life; in schools, cinemas, dance or factories. It's doing a demagogy of "justice", replacing the "equality". We know the male justice from the rewarding penalties given to the rapers and women murderers. These are the representatives of Özgecan's murderers. Starting from "the document of stance on gender equality", they are trying to erase all the gains of Özgecan rebellion out from the consciousness and hearts of women and all workers, laborers and the oppressed. Women are trying to keep Özgecan alive, whereas they try to save the lives of the murderers. Let them divinise women slavery with words like "obey and be at ease", let them expose their inhuman existence through their attitudes that do not count woman as human.

Against the bourgeois mentality and patriarchal jurisdiction, which declared the cops that harassed Merve Demiral few weeks ago as "heroes" whereas Demiral as "necessary to harass"; against the patriarchy continues to escalate violence, murder, harassment, rape against women in houses, streets, workplaces and factories; against the efforts to impose the heaviest burden of the economic and financial crisis on the shoulders of women laborers who are under the double exploitation; against the school principals outlawing court shoes; against the courts introducing a ban for a dance in Hagia Sophia; against the ignorant, closed-minded, sexist professors who count laughing or crying loudly as a rudeness behavior; against the cops who say "nevermind, these kind of things happen everywhere" to women workers being harassed in the workplaces, who say "these kind of things happen between couples" to women subjected to violence, whereas doing "these kind of things" to women under custody... Against these inhuman forces of the patriarchal regime, we will wave the flag of strike and rebellion in houses, streets, schools, workplaces and factories. For a classless, genderless society, for socialism, for the women revolution and women freedom, we will rise our fight much higher on this 8 of March.

We, women were, women are and women will be! We are in every field of live with our presence, labor, mind, desires, aspirations, colors and beauty. If we stop, then the life stops. In order to live and make the life live for everyday, we will stop the life on this 8 March!

Let's participate the Women Strike on 8 March! Let's gird on this honor. Let's empower the woman vanguardship in the struggle for a free world.

Long live 8 March!
Women to MLKP, to the Communist Women's Organization!
Long live Women Revolution! Long live Socialism!
March 2, 2019