For Life, Honor and Freedom; Revolt against the Violence against Women on the 25th of November!
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MLKP /KKÖ, The Communist Women's Organization / Declaration no: 11

Fascist chief Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP , once again, is glorifying the gender inequality, male violence, and women oppression by the discourse of "nature", of "creation"! He says "a woman cannot be the same as a man"! He says "women cannot have the same rights"! He doesn't say "equality", but "justice"! Men's justice, men's rights, men's work, men's money, men's happiness, men's power... He says all of these are enough for women! For those women wanting more than these, he calls them to run 100-meter with the same speed as of men!

The misogynist and fascist order of the chief is the actual protector of the male violence and its collective executor!

It approves the remission as a right for those rapists, those who murder their wifes and sisters, who slaughter women!

By responding the self-defense right of women with heavy imprisonments, it tries to prevent new self-defense cases!

It detains, rapes and murders the women who wants freedom for women, for the workers, laborers, Kurdish people!

It glorifies rape, sexual assault towards children; accepts the most inhumane forms of sexuality as natural and a right for men, who possess the world together with all the "goods" of sexuality!

It imposes the bill of the economic crisis on the laborers and laborer women! It is preparing to save the bosses via the cheap labor of women; to persuade women to bow the male violence that will spread over the laborer houses, to subjugate women who will lose their job by male and state violence!

It sets its eye on the 300 TL alimony, the price of women's lifelong domestic labor!

Via its gangs such as the misogynist torturer ISIS and FSA (Free Syrian Army), it organizes the women massacres and gang rapes in Rojava Kurdistan, in the revolutionary hope of peoples!

It gives way for the trans women and the LGBTI+ to be killed by the hate murders, to be exposed to the assaults and tortures!

It keeps the women political leaders and representatives of the peoples, workers and laborers, captive in prisons. On their behalf, it extorts the right of women to the political representation!

The fascist order of the chief is misogynist; it is the enemy of laborers, the Kurdish and Alewi people, of the humanity! It is the unlimited sultanate of the masculinity!

Say stop to the fascist regime of the chief, stand up and revolt!

On the 25th of November, go out against the male violence against women; the violence of the husband, father and lover which is supported, acquitted and realized by the state!

Extending from cooking to the childcare, cleaning and sexuality; say stop for the limitless and intensified labor of women at house to be disregarded and insulted, to be the excuse of the violence!

Say stop to a life within four walls! To be an extension, a part, and a "good" of men, to be deprived of the right of voice on your own life, your body and income, and even, on your children for who you devote your life! Say stop to oppose or say something by taking the risk of beating and torture!

Say stop for your honor to be trampled by insulting and swearing!

Say stop to work under the conditions of the boss' harassment and rape; to the sexual, physical and psychological violence in the workplace!

Say stop to be forced to afford death for getting married or divorced; for the right to work and education!

Say stop for women to be enslaved by the colonialist and occupying wars in Kurdistan! Say stop to sexual and physical tortures; to the women massacres!

To the women murders, hate murders, sexual assaults, physical violence, psychological violence and oppression, to the economic violence... Say stop!

November 25, is the common struggle day of the women of the world against physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence.

November 25 is women's rebellion of honor and life.

It is the day to call the patriarchal order of the capital to account; the day to raise the women's solidarity, to grow the united women struggle!

By stopping the work at house, workplace and every place of life, by capturing the streets, join to the growing flood of the women of the world who upholds the flag of women's labor and aspirations!


We will Stop the Women Massacres!
We will Grow the Self-defense of Women!
We will defeat the Misogynist and Fascist Regime of the Chief!
We will grow the Women Rebellion against Patriarchal Capitalism!
Long Live the Women Revolution!


November, 25, 2018
MLKP Women Leadership