Let's Become One Single Barricade with the Afrin Resistance!
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The denialist colonialism and the political-Islamic fascist dictatorship continue their attacks to invade Efrîn and carry out a Kurdish genocide. Having an unlimited hostility against freedom, justice, equality of peoples, as well as against women breaking the slavery fetters and those who raise the human dignity high above, the fascist chef Erdoğan and the Palace government are willing to destroy Efrîn and then strangle the Rojava revolution as a whole. With their mercenaries of Free Syrian Army (FSA) gangs, they mobilize all their power including every technical means and unlimited methods of dirty war on the purpose to break the unified resistance of the Kurdish, Arab, Yezidi, Turkmen, Syrian and Caucasian peoples through mass massacres. In company with the fascist psychological war based on lies and with the most reptile support of the bourgeois media, they try to conceal the severe blows that the occupants get as well as the glory of the resistance from Turkish people.

The goal of the fascist political-Islamist chef and its servant government is not only to invade Efrîn, to defeat Rojava revolution and to carry out a Kurdish genocide. They are also dreaming to become an expansionist and invader power in the region; to expand their markets, capture the petrol valves and become the master of the Arab people. The danger is great, so the resistance must be great.

As a part of our party MLKP's efforts to spread the Efrîn resistance to Turkey and North Kurdistan, we, the Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed (FESK) executed a bomb attack against the polices of the Riot Police Department in Bursa on the 3rd of February 2018. While it was obvious with the form, location and timing of the explosion that the attack targeted the police flocks being in a political and ideological integration with the dictator, the state officials have been giving efforts to hide the truth and lying as if the explosion happened in the "footbridge" that the civilians use. Their attempts to hide the truth and deceive peoples are nothing other than the expression of their despair. The statement itself, which was aiming to display the attack as trivial by saying "a policeman injured while he was passing by", actually reveals the real situation clearly.

Since we couldn't detect the losses of the enemy in our action clearly, we can not present the complete information of the reality. We will continue to wave the red flag that Yeliz and Sirin raised up, stand arm in arm with Efrîn's resistance and carry on being the part of the struggle to spread the resistance to Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

We call the poor and oppressed from our Turkish and Kurdish peoples, from our Arab, Caucasian, Abkhaz, Georgian, Laz, Armenian, Assyrian, Bosnian, Greek and Roman national communities, to join the fight against the invader and genocider attack on Efrîn, to raise the honor of humanity and sisterhood/brotherhood of the peoples and refuse to part in this fascist and genocidal shame.


February 6, 2018