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From Kawa to Mazlum, Zekiye, Rahşan, Sema, Tuncay, Ronahi, Zülküf...

To all our heroes who flare up the Newroz fire with their bodies, enhancing our fight for freedom with their immortality;

to all the militants of the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Güven to remove the isolation on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan;

to all revolutionary prisoners and Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan who have been resisting against the oppression of the fascist colonialism in prisons and in Imralı;

to all martyrs and their relatives who were immortalized in the struggle of honor and freedom within the four parts of Kurdistan;

to all revolutionaries, who are constructing the hope of revolution at the free mountains and poor streets, leading the courage and resistance against colonialism's terror of fear;

to our Kurdish people, who never yield and give up their passion for freedom since from Kawa;

to workers and laborers who struggle and labor for justice and a humane life all across the Middle East, Turkey and the world;

to the four parts of Kurdistan, Amed, Afrin, Maku, Şeladizê, Shingal, Maxmur and Rojava, the home of the revolution;

Happy Newroz for all!
We are celebrating this Newroz with the determination of millions who don't yield the cruelty of Erdogan dictatorship, to the fascist coalition of AKP - MHP , with the passion of freedom and will of the revolutionary forces of Rojava and Northern Syria who have tolled the death bell of the ISIS gangs in Deyrezor, in Baxoz; with the fervor of workers and laborers who are growing the fire of revolution. We are coming for the colonialism and fascism by taking power from all of them.

In order to smash the isolation cruelty and destroy fascism, we are growing our will of united revolution, filling the streets and squares all around the world with the guidance of Newroz fires.

In these days writing the struggle history of humanity for honor and freedom;

For the victory of the great resistance led by Leyla Güven against the isolation cruelty on Abdullah Öcalan;

to defeat the attacks of Erdoğan dictatorship against Rojava and Southern Kurdistan, to smash the order of oppression in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey;

for the emancipation of women, youth and all oppressed sections from the cruelty of imperialist-capitalist states;

to create a free, equal and fraternal world;

Let the Newroz fires illuminate our path!

Happy Newroz for all peoples!

Newroz a Gelan Piroz Be!

We will Defeat the Isolation Cruelty!

Down with the Colonialist Fascist Dictatorship!

Long live Freedom and Socialism!