Bayram Namaz (Baran Serhat) Illumunates Our Path!
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Comrade Bayram Namaz (Baran Serhat) marched to immortality in the morning of March 23 in Serekaniye, Rojava after a vile attack of the Turkish state and its collaborator gangs. While he was on his revolutionary duties early in the morning as usual, an explosion of a bomb placed in his car made him martyr whereas the comrade next to him has been wounded.

Comrade Baran Serhat was a member of our party's Central Committee and the Kurdistan Committee, as well as the representative and commander of our party's Rojava organization. It is no coincidence that comrade Baran Serhat, who has been one of the leader cadres of MLKP, became a target. This attack is the continuation of the Suruç massacre, which aimed to blow down the united revolution bridge of Turkey and Kurdistan. Our party has positioned at the forefront of war trenches, right after the Rojava Revolution began. On almost every front from Kobanê to Raqqa, Minbij to Efrîn, our party fought against the collaborative gangs of the Turkish state and gave martyrs. Our party played an important role in frustrating the conquest plans of the colonialist fascist Turkish state in Rojava and Northern Syria by the hand of its collaborative gangs.

During his five years in Rojava, Comrade Baran served as the ideological, political, organizational and military leader of our party forces. He took a primary part in the multidimensional training of dozens of comrades. For the triumph of the Rojava Revolution, he worked with his mind, labor, love, and revolutionary enthusiasm. He ran from one front to another. He conducted the establishment process of the International Freedom Battalion.

With his revolutionary audacity, his consciousness and self-expression, Comrade Baran represented the leadership strength of our party, which defines itself as the sacrifice troop of the revolution. He served his 24 hours for the revolution. Without questioning whether small or big, he associated with every revolutionary task with revolutionary devotion and care.

Comrade Baran combined the combat warfare with political and organizational work, trained politically and organizationally high quality cadres as well as commanders and warriors. He led our party forces working in the revolutionary democratic construction as well as the defense of the Rojava revolution.
Comrade Baran participated in the establishment and development of Peoples' United Revolution Movement (HBDH). He has striven for practicing the decisions of HBDH, for the unity of word and action. He followed the unified revolution line with a perspective of the Middle East regional revolution.

Comrade Baran was a Kurdish communist from Serhat region of North Kurdistan. He had worked as a member of the Kurdistan Committee of our party from 2003 until he was arrested in 2006. He undertook the leadership of the North Kurdistan work. He became prominent with his resistance in dungeons against torture. He turned cells into a school of revolution. He was a member of the Kurdistan Committee since the day he finished his revolutionary mission in dungeons until the day he immortalized.

He made a great contribution to the construction of the line of socialist patriotism of our party. He put himself forth utmost for the practicality of this line. He combined the de facto legitimate struggle with the illegal struggle. He blended his organizing and working manner with political military struggle. Wherever he was, he upheld the slogan of "free Kurdistan" and embodied it in his own personality.

Colonialist fascist gangs must know, neither mass massacres like the Suruç, nor their vile attacks on our leading cadres, like Baran Serhat, can stop our revolution march, prevent our struggle for freedom and socialism or strangle our dream of a free Kurdistan.

The ignominious enemy hordes must know, our party‘s Baran Serhats are inexhaustible. The men and women commanders and fighters, who Baran Serhat cultivated with his labor, are ready to fill his watch.

No matter what you do, we will grow and come like an avalanche. We have placed the dreams of our immortals into our gun barrels. We are going to be Baran (rain) on you with our bullets and bombs.

You cannot stop us. We will continue to defend and build the Rojava Revolution. We will destroy your colonialist fascist regime. We will free Kurdistan.
Young women and men, to the fore, to the ranks of the party, to become Baran!

We are the party of Baran Serhats, you cannot stop us!

MLKP is invincible!

Baran Serhat is Immortal!

Long live the Middle East Revolution!

Long live Freedom and Socialism!


23 March 2019