We Are Marching Towards Women's Revolution!
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Statement / Women Leadership / Year: 2019 No: 2

All around the world, in Turkey and in Kurdistan, the struggle of women for freedom and equality is growing, strengthening and unifying. Just like in Spain, the USA and Argentina, women in Iran, Sudan and Algeria have also come to the fore as signal rockets, daring symbols, determined vanguards of rebellions, revolutions and uprisings of the working class and the oppressed against patriarchal capitalism, poverty and hunger, racism and militarism, fascist regimes and colonialism. As the first revolution in the 21st century, which also developed as a women's revolution at the same time, the Rojava revolution stands upright as an inspiration of world women.
Under the conditions of imperialist globalization, where patriarchal oppression and exploitation on women's labor and body have overwhelmingly increased, where women's impoverishment has grown and where sex industry has spread with ramification, while the gender contradictions are sharpening day by day, objective conditions for gender rebellion and uprising of women and women's revolution are strengthening in an undeterred way.
In the previous period, the patriarchal colonialist fascist regime has reorganized in the form of a fascist chieftaincy regime in the name of Tayyip Erdoğan. The ideological and social transformation pillar of political islamist restoration has especially developed by the consolidation of the bourgeois family through assaults on women's freedom struggle, liquidation of acquired rights of women as a gender and reorganization of women's domestic slavery by new means and forms.
Starting from the 2013 June uprising and Rojava Revolution, the rise of social struggles has consolidated the acquisitions of the women's freedom struggle and reinforced their effects. Against these acquisitions, an ever-increasingly radicalizing patriarchal reactionary resistance has also developed. This situation has expressed itself in widely spreading of the various forms of patriarchal assaults starting from femicides.
Under these conditions, the "palace junta" of Tayyip Erdoğan and his fascist chieftaincy regime have undertaken the leading of patriarchal violence and aggression, tended to render patriarchy as its social pillar so as to attack the acquired rights of all workers and oppressed. The judicial system which takes femicides, sexual assaults and patriarchal violence under legal protection, has waged war against women's freedom by means of family conservation laws, family and women policies, employment policies deepening gender oriented division of labor. It has also targeted the women's will and participation in political struggle by taking women leaders and vanguards as prisoners, murdering woman revolutionaries and conducting sexual assaults on their dead bodies. Thus, as the gender contradiction has deepened, even the slightest appearances of gender contradiction such as the right of abortion and intervention on women's clothing style has been more politicized and become a confrontation topic of the workers and oppressed with the fascist regime.
The united movement of women has preserved and still preserves its strength on the streets and political reflex ability. The struggles of 8 March, 25 November and women's justice are enforcing and exposing the palace regime. All these show over and over again that the fascist political islamist chieftaincy regime can be broken at its sexist link.
Under these extremely tough but hopeful conditions, our 2nd Communist Women's Conference convened on 4-10 March 2019 with the slogan "We Gained the KKÖ, We are Marching towards Women's Revolution!".
Dedicated to our immortal woman comrades in the name of comrade Yeliz Erbay, who was a delegate of 1st Communist Women's Conference and one of the general commanders of MLKP-FESK (Armed Forces of the Poor and Oppressed), our conference convened with the memories of all immortal woman fighters of MLKP, 18 communist woman comrades from different generations who fell martyr in Rojava, Dersim, Medya Defense Zones, Istanbul and Suruç between two conferences, the communist women leaders Rosa Luxembourg, Clara Zetkin and Alexander Kollontai, the militant female fighters of world revolution Olga Benario, Ulrike Meinhof, the Mirabel sisters and immortal women from different revolutionary parties and organizations, and under the banners gathering their photographs together. The conference pledged commitment to their ideals and saluted female comrades in the prisons and on different fronts of struggle.
The 2nd Communist Women's Conference, evaluated the five-year of existence and organizational, political and theoretical works of Communist Women Organization, which is itself an expression of elevation of the accumulation and experience of our party MLKP in women's freedom struggle to a new level. It critically evaluated the level and accumulation of KKÖ on the de facto legitimate struggle, political-military struggle and other various struggle fronts, its praxis of meeting with women masses, which was one of the main topics of the 1st Communist Women's Conference. It handled the political developments of the previous period and determined the perspectives for struggles in the new period under the conditions of the fascist chieftaincy regime. It announced the will to develop the level of organizing of women and to grow women's features on all fronts with all means and forms of struggle.
It handled the questions of equal representation and co-organization of women in revolutionary parties and revolutionary powers, by learning from the past experiences of revolutions, ongoing social uprisings and the Rojava revolution. It carried out works elevating the vanguard claim and the political and theoretical productivity of communists in women's freedom struggle and the growing international women rebellion.
It displayed a will to overcome the traditional weakness of the communist movement in theoretical and political productivity on topics such as domestic labor, sex industry and sex work, lgbti+ struggle which play role in strengthening the strategy of women's freedom struggle, its ability of acting strategically, as well as the analysis of sexual exploitation.
It decided on new claims and new steps as well as new targets for reinforcement in the de facto legitimate struggle, the fight with political-military means and the theoretical and ideological struggle.
The convention of the 2nd Communist Women's Conference has become the symbol and a threshold of organizational and political continuity of Communist Women Organization, and a new indicator of dare and seriousness of our party MLKP in its relation with women's freedom struggle.
Democratic and socialist revolutions, which will be realized in the 21st century all around the world against imperialist capitalist system, reactionary fascist regimes and bourgeois powers, will also develop as a women revolution, and only and only those uprisings and victories which guarantee women's freedom, women's participation and women's power will have the chance to survive.
We call on all women, who suffer from being a woman in the current society, who believe in women's freedom, who deeply long for a sexually emancipated society, to join the KKÖ, to walk with KKÖ shoulder to shoulder and to carry its struggle to every place where women live.

Glory to the 2nd Communist Women Conference!
Glory to the KKÖ! Glory to the MLKP!
Down with the Patriarchal Capitalist Exploitation Order! Down with the Fascist Chief-Regime!
Long live the Women's Revolution! Long live women's freedom! Long live Socialism!

April 25, 2019
Women's Leadership