Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!
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26 September 2019 / FESK / Statement

The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed. To build up its power the regime is totally dependent on carrying out a fascist psychological war through state terror and lies. The regime is even afraid of the most basic democratic rights. Meetings, rallies, demonstrations, events, artistic and cultural activities, even publications of the press are being attacked by the police of the palace and prohibited by governors, who are following the orders of the fascist chief.
When the regime does not manage to change the general or local election results by ballot rigging and forgery, by repeating the elections or with the help oft the high election committee, it simply replaces the elected persons with trustees. Workers and oppressed, who demand the right of speech, press, assembly, organization and action, are terrorized with custody, prison and being kicked out of there jobs. The army and the police of the fascist palace currently appear to be a machine made for killing and torture working around the clock.
Every honorable worker, woman, young person, laboring peasant, poor, atisan and craftsperson, intellectual and artist would agree: It becomes more necessary, urgent and inevitable every day, that the oppressed and poor defend themselves with their own military means. There has never been a fight against fascism in the world, which was successful without political-military means, because fascism is a regime built on terror and lies.
The FESK, which is carrying out the political war by military means as a force of the defense and attack of the poor and oppressed, executed a bomb attack against the police of the fascist palace regime in Yüreğir Adana on 25 of September 2019 at 7 am. Our action in Adana, where the fascist chief-regime exerts systematic terror against the oppressed and poor and is doing very strict police controls, paniced the police.
Our action was part of calling the regime to account for Baran Serhat, Diyar Xerîb, Taylan Kutlar, Hıdır Çallı, all comrades and all revolutionary comrades who fell martyr for freedom. It was part of the resistance against the appointment of trustees; it was an answer of the workers and oppressed to fascism.
We will keep on following our tasks inside the fights against fascism and colonialism, which we have undertaken as sacrifice-squad of revolution! We call all workers, women and youth to support the FESK and to participate in its ranks to strengthen the revolution.

The immortals live, the MLKP will be victorious!
We will smash fascism, which is raising its hands against the workers and women, the youth and the poor!
Let's unite in the ranks of the MLKP and strengthen the fight for freedom and justice!


26 September 2019
The Armed Forces of the Poor and the Oppressed