Not the alliance of occupation and surrender will prevail in Rojava and north-east Syria, but the fighters of honor and freedom!
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MLKP Kurdistan / Statement / 26 October 2019

This time the revolution of Rojava and north-east Syria, is exposed to an even wider attack by the counter-revolutionary front led by the USA, Russia and Turkey. The invasion, which targets the autonomous structure of the revolution, its popular-democratic character and its armed military, has developed into a counter-revolutionary alliance between the imperialist forces and the fascist-colonialist Turkish state. As a result of this alliance, a 13-point plan and truce was agreed between the US and Turkey on 16 October to legitimize the Turkish occupation in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî and to cover up the war crimes of the Turkish state and its gangs. Today it is no longer a secret that this alliance, which also laid the foundation for the Sochi meeting and agreement on 22 October, is pursuing a strategy to liquidate the Rojava Revolution. It is obvious that the revolution of Rojava and north-east Syria, the first revolution of the 21st century, will be exposed to occupation and versatile encirclement by the colonial Turkish and Syrian states under the command of two global forces such as the US and Russia. The goal of the counterrevolutionary front is to divide the ground of the revolution on which our peoples live equally and freely, to destroy the achievements of the women-liberating revolution, and to liquidate our revolution through the reactionary-colonialist states.
In this regard, the 10-point plan, dealt on the meeting between Russia and Turkey, has the character of taking into account and completing the agreements made between the USA and Turkey. If one looks at the decisions of the Sochi meeting one sees that, just as with the agreements between the USA and Turkey, the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî will be maintained. The imperialists are forcing the revolutionary forces to withdraw 30 kilometers and abandon the ground of our revolution defended by great sacrifice without any condition, otherwise they would agree with the occupation of the colonial bourgeois Turkish state. The imperialist alliance, which wants to disarm the defense force of our revolution, our revolutionary army, also desires that our revolution turns away from its libertarian and popular ideals and to bow to the surrender attacks.
Thus, the Turkish occupation state and the gangs belonging to it, which want to force capitulation on behalf of the imperialists and realize their colonial intentions, attacked with all kinds of weapons, including chemical ones, representatives of self-government, freedom fighters and the peoples in the defense of their soil. Countless massacres have been realized. By means of a psychological war, a dirty propaganda is being carried out.
The global states and their imperialist institutions have hidden their counterrevolutionary goals behind verbal warnings and threats of action against Turkey. But no one else than these forces allow the occupation war, all the dead, massacres, and all dirty politics to operate in the field.
For this reason, the decisions and the declared agreements between the US and Turkey on October 16, as well as between Russia and Turkey on October 22, shall never be accepted by the autonomous governance of Rojava and north-east Syria, by their revolutionary army and their peoples.
These decisions constitute a major offensive agreement against the regional revolution begun by the peoples of the Middle East in Rojava and north-east Syria. With the help of the fascist Turkish state, which is the attacking country, the two global states have begun a phase of war, occupation and surrender against the Kurdistan revolution and the unified regional revolution of our peoples. The common point of the two agreements is to push back, as far as possible, the achievements of the revolution and impose surrender on the will that has realized this revolution.
But one has to know that our people are not submitting to the occupation and liquidation attacks of America, Russia and Turkey. The revolution of Rojava and north-east Syria will life, will grow and will lead the war against the counter-revolution with even greater seriousness and discipline. No one should doubt that strength was drawn from the self-sacrificing war in Serêkaniyê, with which even greater resistance will be organized. Our revolution is already implementing actions against the invasion forces, striking heavy blows against them and showing our people the way with hope.
If someone thinks we will leave our revolutionary ground, show remorse to imperialists or ask for mercy of the occupiers, he*she will be heavily deceived. No force will be able to set limits to our revolution. Every spot of the soil of Rojava and northern Syria is soaked with blood of freedom fighters. It is the ancient homeland where our peoples have lived for centuries. Nobody can force our peoples to withdraw their lands. The only force that will go are the occupiers.
Our resistance of honor and freedom for the defense of the revolution draws strength from all kinds of action and international participation from the oppressed peoples of the world, from the democrats, revolutionaries, socialists, communists and above all from the Middle Eastern peoples. Those, who fill the streets of the world and hold up the flag of our revolution as a symbol of honor, let our resistance breathe. This revolutionary attitude and international solidarity have to grow. In this regard, the ongoing actions have to be increased and in particular the World Rojava Day on 2 November has to become a day of anger and rebellion against the occupation. The only way to defeat the international alliance of counter-revolution, is the organized and action-oriented attitude of the peoples of the Middle East, Turkey, of all four parts of Kurdistan and the World. The gate for new revolutions will be opened with solidarity.
Besides, the democratic national unity of the four parts of Kurdistan in the face of the invasion and massacres of the fascist colonial Turkish state against Kurdistan and our peoples are of vital importance. The existence and the achievements of the Kurdish people in all four parts are targeted by this war and its decisions. The resistance of the Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan and in different countries of the world against the occupation have already achieved to prevent a widening of the occupation and the aiming of their goals. But the danger is great. Therefore, the resistance and the struggle must be continued at all times. The task of all Kurdish forces is to unite in all four parts of Kurdistan within the resistance and struggle against the liquidation policy.
There is no time for silence and waiting. Because the fascist Turkish colonial state and its fascist chief Erdogan is also not waiting in silence, the heavy weapons and combat planes of the occupiers are also not waiting, the "Palace" media is also not waiting, the bourgeois-fascist parties are also not waiting. With all their power they are resorting to the most vilest means to crush our revolution. Of course, our revolution is also not waiting. Already now it is increasing the resistance struggle. As in Serêkaniyê, the revolution is being defended in a self-sacrificing way, causing the occupiers with every step to repent and in some places to retreat. For this reason, a silent waiting without action means to allow the suffocation of the revolution. The imperialists, invaders, reactionary fascist regimes and counterrevolutionaries are those who want the revolution to be strangled - those who maintain to wait and fraudulently explain their concerns. Actionlessness causes counterrevolutionaries to approach to their sinister goals. It is time to take action and defend the revolution.


October 26, 2019
MLKP Kurdistan Organization