What did US brought to Iraq: Massacre, Torture, Rape....
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12 July 2006

Statement No. 13

What did US brought to Iraq: Massacre, Torture, Rape....

The US imperialism, which has occupied Iraq under the pretext of "weapons of mass destruction", "freedom", "democracy" and etc., is increasingly getting wild in the face of heroic resistance shown by the peoples of this country; as long as it gets wild, its real inhuman devilish face also comes to the open more and more every passing day. The US imperialism, which has bombed, burned down and destroyed whole cities as seen in Fallujah and Samarra, built torture prisons like Abu Ghraib, tries to wage a civil war among peoples both on the basis of religion and nationality, commits massacre, torture, rape and sabotage, gradually applies at higher proportions the methods of dirty war.

Last week, many bourgeois media in the world carried and are still continuing to carry the savageness in the Mahmudiya region of Iraq into their pages and screens. According to the published news, a group of occupant US soldiers, who entered into a house on 12 March 2006, locked all members of the family into a room and, in another room, they raped the 15 years-old girl called Ebir Kasim Hamza. After that they killed her by shooting her on the head and than burned down the body of the girl. The occupant forces, which were still not satisfied with all these, killed by shooting on the head the remaining locked members of the family, including a small child less than 5 years old. Two of those occupant US soldiers, who lost all types of particularities peculiar to the mankind, were caught and punished for what they did by the resisters.

The bourgeois media, which did not questioned its role also in the recent savageness, tries to show as if such dirty war methods are not systematic incidents that happen every day in Iraq; as if it is the work of a few US soldiers who gone mad and all problems would be solved and justice would be done if they will be tried and punished. That is to say that they are trying to hide the reality of occupation which came to clear in the eyes of the peoples of the world and means the massacre, torture and rape of Iraqi people.

However, the recent savageness in Mahmudiya is not the first one and will not be the last. We will witness such scenes of the end of humanity as long as the brutality, oppression and imperialist occupation continues in Iraq. Likewise, the world still bears in its mind the message saying "Bomb this place while we are in, because we are carrying the children of occupants in our abdomen", sent to outside by the women who were raped by US soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison; the pictures of torture and rape of men and women in rendition torture centres, the 30 girls between 15-20 years of age those who were kidnapped and raped by US soldiers in Samarra in 2003; the massacre of Feride Buyut (38) and her daughter Havva (13) by shooting on the head after being raped repeatedly by US soldiers on 21 November 2003; the killing of 15 years-old sister after being raped together with her 14 years-old sister by 18 occupant US soldiers on 9 June 2004; the detention of a 9 years-old girl who was raped in Samarra about two months ago and was receiving psychological treatment at the time of her detention.

All these are the dishonour of the occupants and all imperialists, but not of the people who fights and resists heroically for its national independence. Ebir Kasim Hamza's, Feride Buyut's and Havva's are the honour and martyrs of Iraqi people and all people of the world. As history witnessed many times in respect to other peoples, none of the dirty methods; neither oppression, nor torture, nor massacre or rape could prevent the Iraqi people from this honourable struggle against the imperialist occupation. What downs on us is to take side with the people of Iraq in this honourable resistance; by girding on the honour of Ebir Kasim Hamzas, to conduct endless struggle where ever we are against imperialism and US occupants which are already punished in the hearts of all peoples of the world.

Down with imperialist occupation! Long live peoples' brotherhood!

Middle East is going to be a grave for US!



Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

International Bureau