They cannot defeat us! Let's increase our solidarity from Italy to Turkey and Northern Kurdistan!
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Statement No:18

Under the pretext of the so-called global war against terrorism, the bourgeoisie attacks the progressive, revolutionary and communist parties and organizations all over the world. They are committing one massacre after the other in the name of democracy and peace and call the ones terrorists, who dare to resist them. They are launching their terrorist concept from Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Palestine to Latin America and Europe, abolishing all democratic rights and freedoms of the peoples. One of the latest examples is the attack in the month of September against our party MLCP and many revolutionary and socialist newspapers, associations and trade-unions. Since 8 September until now, more than 80 revolutionaries, communists and socialists have been imprisoned and the state terror based on the new Anti-terror law is still going on.

But not only in the Middle East, where the oppressed peoples are resisting heroically in the name of the oppressed peoples from all over the world, but also in Europe the revolutionaries and communists are faced with persecution and attacks.

Since more than twenty years, the bourgeois state of Italy carries out judiciary proceedings and attacks against CARC (Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism) and the (new) Italian Communist Party (nPCI). Their militants, like Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel, have been persecuted and imprisoned many times. House raids, confiscation of documents, computers and detentions took place every few years. In June 2003 for instance, there were tens of persecutions in France, Switzerland, and Italy, and a new arrest of Giuseppe Maj, together with Giuseppe Czeppel, this time by the French judicial Authority, pressured by the Italian state and the Ministry of Justice.

The arrests and house raids against the anti-imperialists of A' Manca pro Indipendentzia, point of reference of the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggle in Sardinia, and the shameful sentence of Milan special Tribunal against Milanese Antifascists, guilty to have attempted to prevent a Nazi-fascist parade in Milan, capital of the Resistance and of the Liberation from Nazi-fascism, in the last month are some other examples from Italy of the persecution of communists, revolutionaries and anti-imperialists.

Now, they are trying to arrest 12 to 40 people under the allegation of being member of the nPCI and thus for subversive association.

We are protesting against the persecution of the Italian revolutionaries and support the campaign launched by them in order to fight back the coordinated attack of the Italian and French Authorities. All over the world the bourgeoisie attacks the rights of speech, action and organization, calling those who resist as "subversives" or "terrorist". In Turkey and Northern Kurdistan the revolutionaries launched the "We Want Freedom" campaign against these attacks, directed not only against the vanguard of the working class, but against all the progressive and oppositional people. In Italy, CARC launched the campaign "NO to Communists' persecution" (more information at: in order to stop the witch hunt.

We call upon all progressive, anti-imperialist revolutionary and communist parties and organizations to increase their solidarity from Italy to Turkey.

They cannot defeat us - we are the future!
Stop the persecution of the (n)PCI and all Italian revolutionaries and communists!
Freedom for all the political prisoners in Italy, Turkey and all other countries!

Please send your protest against the persecution of the Italian revolutionaries to:
Paolo Giovagnoli, Procura della Repubblica c/o Tribunale di Bologna - Piazza Trento e Trieste - 40137 Bologna Italy- tel 0039 051 201111 - fax 0039 051 884748 and send a copy to:

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau
8 November 2006