The oppressed people will charge the offences of imperialism!
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Statement No 22

US imperialism charged and executed fallen Iraq`s dictator Saddam Hussein as part of the occupation and colonialism continued in Iraq.
US imperialism had said that the occupation of Iraq happened in order to create freedom and democracy. However, it has already become clear that this bloody "freedom journey" symbolised with the Ebu Garip and Guantanamo camps had been undertaken in order to create its protectorate colonialism, imperialism`s lies have long been revealed and the resistance of the people in Iraq and the Middle East has increased the resistance of the working class and labourers all over the world against imperialist war and occupation.
Today, as a continuation of the same occupational and colonialist action and the hegemony plans in the Middle East and the world, US imperialism has added another lie to the former ones by announcing that Saddam Hussein had been executed because of the massacres taking place under his responsibility. But there is the bloody silhouette of the USA and the other imperialist states behind the bloody massacres of Saddam Hussein, such as Halabja, the Iran war and the Enfal movement and many other human offences
US imperialism executed Saddam Hussein in order to provoke new clashes between the people of the Middle East, to stir up the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish people against each other and to prevent the development of a united antiimperialist resistance in the region.
US imperialism executed Saddam Hussein with the aim to hide all its own offences that had happened through Saddam Hussein. Such as the junta regimes that came to power after the coups in Turkey, Northern Kurdistan and in Latin America and the clashes and genocide puppet governments in Africa, the real monster that created Saddam Hussein are the contradictions and profits of imperialist capitalism in the region.
US imperialism executed Saddam Hussein in order to show once again a power and will show and its so-called "invincibility" after the defeats it had experienced due to the growing resistance in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.
Imperialim`s colonialist justice can not charge imperialism`s offences. The execution of Saddam Hussein by the USA is not rendering account of a dictator but continuing with the occupation and colonialism in Iraq. If the charge of Saddam Hussein is one part of the colonialist justice of imperialism, then Ebu Garip will be another one. If one f its steps is to open the case of the massacre in Duceyl, then the next one will be to hide the truth about the massacre of Halabja. The decision of Saddam Hussein`s execution was taken in line with the colonial law that arrested thousands of resistance fighters in Guantanamo without charging them and that legalised torture. This justice is the basis of private property. This law is the law of exploitation and plundering.
It can only be the working class and oppressed people who charge oppressing rejimes and imperialism`s offences, such as the one of Saddam and his allies, and first of all murderer Bush and his clique. The struggle of the Kurdish people for freedom, the resistance in Iraq and Palestine are condemning these human offences every day.
The MLCP once more declares that against the chauvinist marsh to which our people are lead by imperialism and the collaborator bourgeoisie in the region, it is prepared to do everything o the basis of proletarian internationalism and the democratic federative union of the people of the Middle East.

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau

January 2007