The colonialist fascist Turkish State attacked the Meeting for Freedom and Justice on 13 April
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The State terror cannot stop the struggle for freedom and socialism!

On April, 13, after more than six months, the first hearing of 17 socialist journalists, trade-unionists, youth and women activists, took place, who have been imprisoned during the wave of attacks directed against our party, socialist and communist persons and organisations from September 8-12 and September 21 in Istanbul.
Hundreds of people coming from more than 20 provinces of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, for instance from Ankara, Adana, Izmir, Antakya, Mersin, Antep, Amed, Van, Bursa, Mugla and Artvin, met on April 13 in Istanbul in front of the court building in Besiktas in order to express their demand for "Freedom and Justice" and to stand up for the 10 September prisoners. The meeting was supported by several representatives of newspapers, trade-unions and democratic organisations of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan.
International delegations came to Istanbul from Russia, Canada, Columbia, Germany, France, England, Bulgaria, Greece and Switzerland in order to observe the trial.
The September prisoners entered the court building shouting slogans and showing the victory sign and thereby showed once more that the September attacks were not able to break the revolutionary will, to defeat the ideal of revolution and socialism.
Also on the meeting on April 13, the terror, which the fascist dictatorship used during the September attacks, was not lacking. First, they confiscated a bus coming from Esenyurt on the to the court and detained an activist of the ESP . The relatives of the prisoners, the international observers of the trial and the other visitors were exposed to arbitrary searches. The houses around the court were surrounded by marksmen and the district was under a massive police cordon. Later on, the police attacked the hundreds of progressive, revolutionary, socialist and communist people who gathered in the Besiktas Park in front of the court and detained dozens of them.
The masses defended themselves with stones and barricades against the police attack and challenged the fascist state by gathering a second time at the Besiktas Park. The police attacked the gathering masses again with gas bombs and detained again dozens of people. Many people got hurt, among them also the mother of a prisoner, Gülsah Tagac.
In total, approximately 100 persons have been detained. Among them are also the representative of the ESP, Hatice Aydemir, the editor of Ozgur Radyo, Songul Ozbakir and the radio reporter Derya Okatan, the leading activist of the EKD , Nahide Kilic and the vice-chairman of the trade-union Limter-Is , Kamber Saygili.
Besides, ten of the 10 September Prisoners have been set free by the court, while Figen Yuksekdag, representative of ESP, Ayse Yumli Yeter, general president of Tekstil-Sen , Emin Orhan, editor of the newspaper Dayanisma, Yusuf Demir, Erdal Demirhan and Günes Senyuz from ESP have been sent back to prison.
In September, the fascist dictatorship started a comprehensive attack, based on the anti-terror law adopted in June 2006, against the revolutionary, socialist and communist forces. Their plan was to break the will of war and the determinacy to fight of our party and the socialist forces, to put even more comprehensive attacks against the social opposition and the freedom of thought, action and organisation of the workers and labourers on the agenda. On September 21, they tried with raids of the newspaper Atilim, the ESP, the EKD, Ozgur Radyo, the SGD and several other organisations in more than 20 provinces to destroy the legitimacy of them and make their work impossible. However, the attacked organisation, first of all the socialist forces, raised and defended the demand for freedom of the workers and labourers, the oppressed Kurdish people, the Allevite labourers, the youth and the labouring women in the struggle against the September attacks of the dictatorship and involved the progressive and revolutionary circles, the intellectuals and trade-unionists into the movement against the attacks of the anti-terror law and linked this with the duty to carry socialism to the masses of workers and labourers.
The reason why the Turkish state could not stand the Meeting on 13 April is the determination of struggle and the dreams of freedom and socialism which they were not able to break despite all their attacks.
To support the 10 September Prisoners and the socialist forces who were attacked at the Meeting on 13 April means to give a respond, through revolutionary solidarity, to the wave of repression and reaction blown by the world bourgeoisie under the name of "struggle against terrorism".
We call upon all the progressive, revolutionary and communist forces to raise the solidarity with the revolutionaries and socialists from Turkey and Northern Kurdistan against this attack.

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau
13 April 2007