To the communist and revolutionary forces, the working class and labourers!
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The working class and labourers, the people living under occupation, the communist and revolutionary forces have left behind a year full of struggle.  

The year 2007 has shown once again that neither imperialist occupation and aggression such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor Zionist and fascist attacks and massacres such as in Palestine and Kurdistan could break and will not break the just and honoured resistance of the people.     

2007 has yet another time shown that the ideological, political and military attacks led by the imperialist capitalist system to continue with exploitation and oppression have gone on facing the working class` and labourers` strikes and resistances.   

2007 has shown once again that those forces fighting against imperialism and capitalism continue to be the bourgeoisie's nightmare.  

2007 has also shown that our party fighting in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan has pushed back the fascist dictatorship's attacks and continues with its march under fire towards its aims revolution and socialism. 

With the experiences and achievements of 2007, we are entering a new year of struggle with great joy and being fully determined. In the new year the struggle in factories, on the streets, at barricades, in the prisons and in every field of life will get even tougher, and we will led a greater struggle against the fascist Turkish state and the imperialist capitalist system. 
Our party wishes a happy new year to all freedom and socialism forces all over the world, political prisoners and the people who fight for their national freedom with our internationalist, communist feelings. We wish 2008 to be a year during which our march towards revolution and socialism will accelerate and new victories will be achieved against imperialist, Zionist and fascist occupying powers.

Long live proletarian internationalism!
Long live revolution and socialism!

Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau