Those knowing well to kill mislead the world, Agreements with Zionist Israel continue
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02 February 2009 /International Bureau / Statement No: 41


At the World Economic Forum taking place at the city of Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said "You know well how to kill" to Zionist Israel's Prime Minister Shimon Peres, and after that he protested against the moderator and left the meeting.
These words of Erdogan, the Prime Minister of colonialist fascism, found a broad echo all over the world, and was enthusiastically saluted by first of all the Gaza people and the people of the Middle East.
In his speech at Davos, Erdogan did not mention the open and secret economic, political, military agreements between the Turkish state and the Israeli state, among them the Agreement of Strategic Military Collaboration between Turkey-Israel-USA. He did not mention that it was the police of the Turkish state attacking the people who made an action in front of the Israeli consulate during the massacre in Gaza. Tayyip Erdogan said "For me, Davos is over", but did not say that the relations with Israel are not over at all.
The speeches between these representatives of the two states that know well how to kill did not contain how close they collaborate in killing.
Israel's jet pilots are trained at the Turkish airspace, and they learn how to kill at the Turkish airspace.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the colonialist fascist dictatorship he is representing know well, too, how to kill. They know well how to hail bullets and bombs on children. They know well how to torture the bodies of guerrillas and how to cut off their ears. They know well how to make people disappear under arrest, to hold captive in jail, and how to rape women. It was Tayyip Erdogan who said "It doesn't matter if women or children, we do what we have to do" concerning the heart wrenching dead bodies of children shot on the street by the police during the Amed serhildan s.
Because Zionist Israel "knows well to kill", bombs, arms and bullets made in Israel are used in provocative attacks, in attacks on revolutionary and communists and in the dirty war in Kurdistan. In order to kill well, the colonialist fascism represented by Erdogan buys its arms from those who do this job well.
In his speech Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not mention all these.
Erdogan's speeches were followed by phone calls and diplomacy traffic behind closed doors. Erdogan declared that his reaction was not against Peres but against the moderator, and continued with his diplomatic negotiations.
Erdogan's reaction displayed just before the local elections had a big influence on the people of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan who are strongly condemning the Israeli Zionism's crimes against humanity in Gaza. In the eyes of the people that have been on the streets with the aim to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and demand the cut off of all agreements with Israel, Erdogan hided his cooperation in the crime of the killing in Gaza. Without cancelling any agreement with Israel, he showed himself as if he was against the Gaza massacre, and turned the anger on the massacre in favour of him. That was a big step for the local elections in March.
The truth is that Erdogan getting strong results from the local elections especially in Northern Kurdistan against the Kurdish national movement and strengthening his posts in the West of Turkey, will mean bombs made in Israel hailing on the Kurdish people, attacks to intimidate the revolutionaries and communists through the help of MOSSAD, as well as the continuance to open the airspace for Israel's jet flights.
With his reaction at Davos, too, from the point of view of his claims to play a role in the politics on the region, Erdogan has opened the way for gaining a post. Erdogan who was accused by the Turkish diplomats to have opened the way to lose the position of a "neutral country" has actually lost this position, but it could be discussed how big this is a problem for US imperialism led by Obama as well as Israel. There are numerous Arab collaborating "neutral" countries in the hands of the USA and Israel who have lost their reputation in the eyes of the peoples of the region, but there is not one single "partial country" in strategic collaboration with them. Israel wasted Mahmut Abbas in the Gaza attacks and the stance of the Arab states has been protested by the Arab people protesting on the streets as hundred thousands. However, Erdogan, now as a "partial country", as a "country taking sides with Palestine" can say "sit down at the table and bow your head" to Hamas and the resisting Arab countries. US imperialism with its new Obama face of leadership can beat with Israel and caress with the Turkish state in the Middle East. The Turkish state can be the carrot and Israel its stick in the Middle East.
Erdogan came up with an attitude in Davos which can cause disadvantages for the short term. However, this attitude made him to be closer to his aim of being a force which plays a role in the policy of the region. It did not harm his image as "moderate Islamist" within the Greater Middle East Initiative but strengthened this and made his position more assertive.
Tayyip Erdogan did not undertake a step going out of the role given to the Turkish state in the framework of the Middle East policy of the USA. This has been proved by the fact that relations with Israel are continuing, the presidency of general staff stated immediately after the incident that the project of buying unmanned Heron planes has not been stopped and that Israel also announced that the agreements do continue.
Those knowing well to kill are trying to hide their part in the massacre by misleading and to use the fury of the peoples of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan in favour of the regional policy. The one, who will break all open, secret, economic, politic and military agreements ist not the colonialist fascist dictatorship but the solidarity and the unity struggle of the Middle Eastern peoples.
Down with the imperialist and Zionist occupation, down with the collaborating colonial fascist dictatorship!
Long live the unbreakable resistance of the people of Gaza!
Long live the brotherhood of the people in the Middle East and all over the world!


Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
International Bureau