New year!
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We have left behind a year during which the working class and the labouring

masses all over the world have shown a magnificent resistance against the capitalist exploitation and barbarism, against the neoliberal offence policies in each part of the world, though in different levels; during which the Iraqi and the Palestinian peoples have resisted heroically against imperialist occupation and aggression in the Middle East and during which the world peoples' will and the efforts of struggle against imperialism and capitalism have increased.

With the determination, the will and the success that it has shown in 2005, with the determination to increase its struggle against the fascist dictatorship, to carry the light of Marxism-Leninism to all parts of Turkey and North Kurdistan and to go forward to revolution with faster steps, MLCP greets and felicitates all the communist and revolutionary forces', working class' and the labouring peoples' new year and wishes success in their struggle.

MLCP Turkey/Northern Kurdistan

International Bureau