Freedom for the Taksim Prisoners! Organise international solidarity actions on September 12!
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On September 12, actions will take place in many countries in the framework of an day of international solidarity with the Taksim Prisoners. September 12 is the anniversary of the fascist military coup of 1980. The putschists and murderers are still not made accountable and today the AKP government carries on the policy of brutal oppression against any kind of opposition with “civil” means like gas bombs, truncheons, torture and mass detentions.

The June Uprising, which started in Gezi Park and spread all over the country was an uprising of the masses against the dictatorship of the AKP government and the fascist state interfering in all spheres of life and oppressing the labouring masses. The central demand of the spontaneous uprising of the labouring masses was political freedom. Women, youth, workers, the oppressed Kurdish nation, national minorities, the Alevi, LGBT, artists and intellectuals, trade-unionists, football fans, environmentalists and many more met in the streets and squares and threw the ruling classes into panic with their freedom demand.

The AKP government attacked the legitimate resistance of millions with all brutality and in this way proved once more that all talks on democracy are nothing but empty words.

From May 31 to June 27, more than 8 thousand people have been wounded by the police terror. Among them at least 60 people are wounded heavily and 11 people lost their eyes. 5 people were assassinated by the state forces, among them the young revolutionary Mehmet Ethem Sarısülük, who was killed by police bullets on June 1st in Ankara.

During the June Uprising, the revolutionary and communist forces played a significant role, therefore it is very natural that they were the first target of the revenge campaign of the fascist dictatorship and its AKP government.

In order to get revenge of Taksim and to weaken the revolutionary and progressive forces, the AKP has attacked many political parties and organizations such as ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed), SDP (Socialist Democracy Party), Atilim Newspaper, Partizan, Ozgur Radio, Etkin News Agency, SGD (Socialist Youth Associations), New Democratic Women, Halkevleri and others, and imprisoned dozens of people.

Still today, dozens of revolutionaries and communists are in prison because of having participated actively in the Taksim Uprising.

We are calling upon all progressive, revolutionary and communist forces to join the struggle for the freedom of the Taksim Prisoners and take to the streets on September 12, the Day of International Solidarity with the Taksim Prisoners! The struggle for the freedom of the Taksim Prisoners is the struggle for new uprisings, for a strong revolutionary movement advancing towards revolution. As the resisters have cried out several times in the squares, barricades and in prison “this is only the beginning!”.

Organise protest meetings in front of the Turkish embassies, inform the people in your country about the resistance in Turkey/Northern Kurdistan, send solidarity statements, make wall writings and express your solidarity in many creative and practical ways.

Everywhere Taksim, Everywhere Resistance!

International Solidarity with the Taksim Prisoners!