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The gathering for peace and democracy on 10th October 2015 in Ankara organized by the mass organizations DİSK , KESK , TBB and others was stained with blood. The Turkish bourgeois state once again has comitted a massacre once again. At the meeting, which tens of thousands labouring masses, Kurds, Turks, Alawite, youth and women participated in two bombs were blown up. 97 persons lost their lives. Hundreds were hurt.

The AKP government and state president T. Erdoğa organized this attack.The wave of attacks was inciated in Mersin, Adana and Amed before the parlamentary elections took place in June 2015. It continued with the massacres in Suruç and now in Ankara.

For the brutality in Ankara the colonialist fascist dictatorship made use of the ISIS jackals once more. It forms part of the dirty war waged in Kurdistan.

This was an attack on the longig for peace, brotherhood and freedom of our Turkish, Kurdish and other peoples. It's the consequence of a policy aiming at polarizing and splitting our people. It is the policy consisting in oppressing the democratic demands of the Kurdish people for education in their mother tongue and cultural freedom and maintaining the status quo.

It's an attack on the free formation of will, the unification of the Turkish revolutionary movement and Kurdish liberation movement inside of HDP . In this sense this attacks. Thus, it's a concretization of dirty policy methods capital and fascism use in the conflict between revolution and counterrevolution. This policy knows no norms, moral or humaneness. The purpose of this massacre is that the AKP alone forms government after the elections on 1st November 2015, which will be realized under the conditions of chauvinistic poison and civil war.

The Ankara massacre is the declaration of failure of T. Erdoğan and AKP along with all fascist dictatorships in history. The policy of thirteen-years-old AKP government in the Middle East, Rojava and Syrien failed. The dirty war, they wage in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, lead to a rift between the Kurdish people and the Turkish government. AKP went so far it bombed Guerilla cementeries in Northern Kurdistan. Forests were incinerated and the nacked body of the revolutionary female fighter Ekin Wan was left in the streets after her execution. This bestiality was brought to public attention through pictures. Policemen of the special unit that killed the Kurdish revolutionary militant Lokman Birlik tied his body to a police tank and dragged it on the streets. They committed crimes against humanity. ISIS members of a police special unit have pointed their guns at DIHA journalist Murat Demir's head. With great courage and fearlessness this pictures were publicized all over the world. In some places of Kurdistan as Varto, Cizre, Silvan, Nusaybin, Bismil and Amed-Sur hundreds of civil Kurds were murdered in two months. Today 'the fascist force of Turkey' is shown to the oppressed!

The fascist regime goes on with its aggression and bestiality in front of the world's eyes as it is backed up by the USA, EU and other imperialist forces. The European imperialists, apostles of democracy and human rights, watch these massacres in silence. That happens because their strategic interests and plans for oil and gas are much more important to them than anything else. Furthermore, they fear the revolutionary process in the Middle East, the Rojava Revolution, the self-administration, that is founded by the people living their lead by the Kurdish liberation movement.

Our call is adressed to the working class and oppressed all over the world; to the communist, revolutionary and progessive forces.

The colonialist regime and the imperialist system realize attacks on the revolution, the revolutionary will and people's self-administration in Turkey, in Northern Kurdistan, in Rojava and in the Middle East...

The fascist Erdoğan and the AKP murder the revolutionary and communist vanguard in Turkey and try to liquidate it with counterrevolution and violence...

Support the our people's struggle for revolution, socialism, peace, freedom, justice and brotherhood!

We will prevail!

Long live revolution and socialism!

Down with the colonialist fascim and reaction!

International Office of MLCP

11th October 2015