Comrades Berçem und Ekin are immortal!
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The physical liquidation attacks against the communist, revolutionary and patriotic forces starting with the massacres Suruç, Amed and Ankara are also continued in the form of murder in houses and on the street.

A part of these attacks was realized on 22th December in Istanbul. Two women of MLCP were surounded during an armed confrontation with the forces of the colonialist, fascist regime in the neighbourhood of Gazi osmanpaşa and shot. Our comrades, and commanders Yeliz Eray (Berçem) and Şirin Öter (Ekin) became immortal. Four policemen were hurt in this attack.

Now the Turkish bourgeois regime is focussing for months on imposing curfews in Northern Kurdistan to oppose the proclamation of self-administration. Thus, mounts a colonialist encirclement with tens of thousands of soldiers and policemen. It carries on with its fascist attacks by using tanks, guns, war planes and other heavy weapons. The occupying forces shoot and hurt Kurdish children, women, youth and labouring people and take them into custody.

Against these colonialist cruelities the Kurdish people shows a great resistance. YDG-H (Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement), Women and Kurdish poor through barricade and turf battles move on to their national freedom. They deliver heavy resistance in order to take fate into their own hands.

In Kurdistan it's all about the struggle between revolution and counter-revolution, a will struggle. The Kurdish people demands its political recognition. It proclaims its self-administration and defends itself. It waits for the support and solidarity of all people in Turkey and the world, the progressive and revolutionary parties.

Our comrades in the Turkish front will hold, strengthen and carry to victory the torch of this unified revolutionary struggle. They showed us the path of excercising revolutionary force through their armed resistance against the colonialist, counterrevolutionary violence.

Their resistance enlightens our path!

The comrades Yeliz and Şirin are immortal!

Long live revolution and socialism!