The murders of fascism cannot stop the guerrillas! We pass through the gates of sacrifice! We will let the enemies of the people get their deserved punishment!
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2 October 2019 / MLKP CC / Statement

The workers, women, youth, the propertyless and those who are condemned to a life of hardship!

The racist, fascist, rapist and torturing police of the fascist ruling regime has murdered two of our comrades, two indomitable guerillas, in Eskisehir. The two MLKP members, the FESK commander Comrade Ozan Sökmen and the FESK guerilla fighter Comrade Fırat Şeran once again decided with their blood, "either freedom or death". They have added another element to the practice tradition that Yeliz and Sirin showed when they were surrounded in their base.
Comrades Ozan and Fırat filled the brief period of their lifes with a limitless way of life, until it came to an end with immortality. In their fight for the revolution, it has taken them from Istanbul to Sinjar and from Izmir to Rojava. They left their mark on the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy, where they prepared for the war. After that, they returned to Istanbul to overcome the hurdles on the development and strengthening of the urban guerrilla movement. They have gone to war with great determination, full of self-sacrifice, fearlessness and with a kind of creativity worthy of guerrilla fighters. Most recently, they have taught our enemies to fear and have opened up new opportunities in our work with a sabotage action on May 16 in Antalya, even though it failed to achieve its ultimate goal due to technical reasons. With the action in Adana, the fear among the murderous droves of fascism has increased. Thus, Suleyman Soylu, world champion of bragging and rabid fighting dog of the palace, continues to cover up the blow that the torturers, executors of extrajudicial judgments, rapists and popular enemies called "special units" had to take in Adana and spreads lie upon lie.
Ozan Sökmen, the Deniz Erbay of his comrades and known as Diren Güney in Rojava and the mountains of Sinjar, was born in 1991 as the child of a Kurdish and Alevite family in Istanbul. When he attended the last grade of the secondary school in 2010, he joined the ranks of KGÖ in Istanbul. He participated in the work of the militia for a short time. After school, he continued to take on revolutionary tasks of the party. In response to the needs of the revolution and the call of the party, he spent a year outside Istanbul. From the time he joined the ranks of the KGÖ against fascism, colonialism and capitalism, he had the claim to join the Political-Military Front. He did not want to do give up announcing it.
He reached his aimed goal of defending the revolution in autumn 2014, when he took over responsibilities in Rojava. In Rojava he fought with great determination and full of energy on various fronts in the fight. He was also part of the party unit that had participated in the war for the liberation of Sinjar. These days he has called out full of enthusiasm:
"As a fighter of our party, I am in Sinjar and I am proud of it. We have been sent here by our party according to the line of our Party program, to prevent the massacre of our Yezidi people. We have the honor to carry the struggle of our party to the mountains of Sinjar. We are continuing our fight - in Kobanê as in Rojava as in Sinjar. Right now we are continuing to work for the liberation of Sinjar. We have now reached the center of Sinjar. As soon as Sinjar is liberated, we will continue to spread this fight everywhere. "
Despite the traps of fascism and imminent massacres, Ozan Sökmen, the Diren of his comrades, had overcome any obstacle to get to the FESK, after his time in the self-sacrificing war and in the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy. In various cities he worked for the guerrilla. He had stood out as a determined, courageous communist guerrilla fighter with a clear will and strong adaptability to urban guerrilla conditions. He took part in various actions that have given the enemy sometimes severe blows and sometimes did not achieve their goal due to technical defects. With his development, he had the honor of becoming a FESK commander. The Red Detachment worked under his command with a spirit that did not retreat from any obstacle of the enemy.
Fırat Şeran, the Azad Serhildan of his comrades, was born on April 9, 1988 in Urfa-Viranşehir into a family belonging to the Kurdish-Sunni people. In 2007, at age of 19, he joined the ranks of the party in Istanbul Esenler. Even before that, he had already joined the organized political struggle as a student. In the 12 years in which he fought in the ranks of the party, he fulfilled various revolutionary tasks in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Izmir. In June 2012, he was captured in underground work in Istanbul. After two years in prison, he immediately plunged into the struggle again. After a period of youth work, he announced his desire to participate in political-military work. He was in the Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy to prepare for the war. He participated in the defense of the Rojava revolution. He moved from the free areas to the cities of Turkey, overcoming all obstacles of the enemy to participate in the FESK urban guerrilla warfare. The Red Command, in which he had taken his place, fought with great discipline and self-sacrifice in order to beat the enemy.
Under the increasing difficult conditions of urban guerrilla, comrades Ozan and Fırat, who gave their lives to rekindle the outcry of the working class and the oppressed, and who upheld their spirit of self-sacrifice to uphold the calls of the Immortals, to follow the revolution and the party's revolutionary actions, made tireless efforts under the same conditions for ideological-political and technical development. The memory of the two party members and brave guerrillas, the two indomitable FESK fighters, will be filled with life; we will not stop letting the fascist colonialist enemy pay their price.
We call again on the laboring people and the oppressed, especially the workers and students among them, to strengthen the FESK. Let's provide information and weapons for the FESK. Let's join their ranks and fight.

Comrades Ozan Sökmen and Fırat Şeran live, the MLKP fights!
Forward on the path of the immortals!
Glory to the Fesk! Glory to the Communist Guerrillas!
We will definitely hold the fascist murderers to account!

October 02, 2019
Central Committee