Messsage For The International Week To Free Ahmad Sa’adat
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Another year began with the glowing flame of the honor and freedom struggle of the peoples of Middle East. From Tunisia to Sudan, from Tehran to Basra, from Kurdistan to Gaza, the peoples of Middle East reject slavery of any kind of imperialism, reject the reactionary wars waged by imperialist capitalism in order to heal itself from the existential crisis over peoples' lives and lands, insist on running on the path of freedom, fighting against all kinds of imperialism and its reactionary collaborators, region's capitalist states alongside with their revolutionary vanguards.
As the Palestinian people resurrect the Intifada spirit again with the Marches of Return, they proved once more that an organized people will never will be defeated. We salute the honorable, righteous struggle of humanity of the Palestinian people, starting from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP.
Palestinian liberation struggle is not strange to revolutionaries from Turkey and Kurdistan. Today, we raise our voices as the successors internationalists who had come to Palestine to fight side by side in the 1970's. We express our revolutionary feelings by upholding Middle Eastern revolutionariness that was also given life by the Kurdish and Palestinian liberation movements with their martyrs together fighting against Israel in 1982. We rise up and stand against the conspired imprisonment of Ahmad Sa'adat from where we stand as the Marxist-Leninist communist revolutionaries of the region. We know for sure that international solidarity is indispensable for the liberation of Middle East on the path of revolution.
Today, the leaders of two of the most important liberation struggles of Middle East, the leaders of Kurdish and Palestinian national liberation struggles are held in solitary confinement by the enemy as part of the war policies. Today, hunger strikes started by the political prisoners in all around the prisons in Turkey against this isolation policy of the fascist Turkish state against PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan have become one of the vanguard interventions of the resistance in this period. And we have to stand against the Zionist Israel state for the freedom of Ahmad Sa'adat with the same determination and will.
As MLKP, we call all the communists, progressive forces, revolutionaries, democratic people of the world to solidarity with the Middle East peoples. Raise your voice for their antifascist, antiimperialist, antizionist struggles! Raise the international solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners! Join and support the global BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaigns! Let us fight together and defeat together the occupation of Israel lasting over 70 years! The victory of the Middle East peoples can only be won with an unified struggle.
Long live revolutionary solidarity! Freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat!