Resistance and Serihıldan everywhere!
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7 October 2019 / MLKP Kurdistan / Statement

The invasion of Northern Syria and Rojava by the colonial fascist Turkish state is a matter of time now. The dictatorship of the palace took the necessary permission from the US, whose aide it is. Previously, the Russian, Iranian and Syrian states had approved this invasion. The CHP stated that they would support this occupation policy with the Syria conference.
The forces of revolution and counter-revolution are once again confronted.
The freedom revolution of peoples in Rojava, the Rojava women's revolution, the international Rojava revolution are now going through a new process. The peoples of Rojava and Northern Syria will defend their land, honor and freedom with great resistance against the occupation. Nobody shall doubt that!
It is the most current duty of communists, socialists, revolutionaries, democrats, women, young people, workers and all oppressed to defend the acquired revolutionary position with all our strength and turning the occupation attack into a defeat of the colonial Turkish state and global imperialist powers in the region.
Just as in the Kobanê war, the peoples of Kurdistan, Turkey, arab peoples and the peoples of the world, everywhere resistance and serihıldan against the occupation and the Turkish state must raise.
The spirit of time is resistance and serihıldan!

07 October 2019
MLKP Kurdistan Organization