The freedom rebellion of the oppressed will meet revolution in 2020
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Our peoples in Kurdistan and the Middle East, their revolutionary and communist pioneers have demonstrated a great resistance to the invasion of the global imperialist forces and the colonialist regional states. We commemorate all the revolutionary fighters who fell martyrs in this resistance, once again by saying: We will make 2020 a year in which hope, resistance and rebellion will meet new revolutions. The rulers will be the target of the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed everywhere and in any situation. The imperialist and colonial war barons will find it harder to find people to fight under the banner of capital in 2020. But the oppressed will be the nightmare of the rulers as a larger mass fighting for their aspirations under the banner of justice, equality and freedom.

As in many parts of the world, in the Middle East, in 2019, our people, especially women, occupied the squares for justice, equality and freedom. They ensured the resignation of the governments. Some of them succeeded in gaining rights. They carried the consciousness of the peoples forward. The most important development of the year 2019 was undoubtedly the mass militancy and pioneering stance of the women's movement in the libertarian struggle of the gender movement.

The regional war in the Middle East as a field where all the rivalries between the global imperialist powers is going on is getting harder. As it is seen in 2019, the war is now the main political argument of the global imperialist system, the main field where the policy is carried out. Social problems such as occupation, pillage, massacre, rape, torture, poverty, corruption and migration will continue to increase with the imperialist and colonial war and they will try to weaken their power of struggle and resistance by destroying all the accumulations and social values of the peoples with such methods of war.

As the advanced revolutionary position of the peoples in the Middle East and the world, Kurdistan will continue to be the target of global bandits in 2020, as it did in 2019. The expansion of the Rojava revolution, its character as a popular revolution and its continued existence with great success and resistance against ISIS and colonial powers, have not only frightened the colonial regimes in the region, but also the global imperialist forces. That is why policies such as war, occupation, massacre, torture, encroachment, plunder and changing the demographic structure of the Rojava revolution and the revolutionary achievement of Kurdistan have been made possible.

The women libertarian, anti-colonial and popular democratic forces of the Rojava revolution have shown great resistance to these bandits. They have defended their freedom and dignity. They once again demonstrated this with the splendid resistance put forward in Serêkaniyê. And they handed over the banner of honor, resistance, rebellion and freedom, the biggest achievement of 2019, to the year 2020.

Trump and Putin, the most aggressive of the global bandits, R.T. Erdoğan, the colonial fascist dictator of the region, could not protect themselves from being the target of the peoples and women who rebelled in the squares in 2019. In 2020, the oppressed peoples and women will enlarge the rebellion and resistance against these archenemy and the local forces that cooperate with them.

2020 will be the year of the collapse of the AKP - MHP dictatorship and the freedom of the Kurdish people. The AKP and MHP fascist alliance reflects that they are determined to continue the occupation war that they carried out during 2019 in 2020. They calculate that the most economic way passes through such wars. As it is known, the ruling AKP-MHP became a direct side of the occupying and colonialist war against the peoples of the Middle East, North Africa and Kurdistan in 2019.

As always, the colonial fascist Turkish state continued to see the Kurds and Kurdistan as its main enemy in front of its state presence in 2019. Therefore, during 2019, it continued the colonial war in Rojava, Northern and Southern Kurdistan. The fascist state will insist on continuing this policy as it builds its survival on the destruction of Kurdistan.

The Kurds no longer want to stay and live as a colonial nation and a people without status. Their revolutionary struggle over the years and the Rojava revolution are concrete examples of this. The search for national unity, which has gained momentum in the recent period, even if it is with ups and downs, can also be expressed in this context.

The great resistance and national unity efforts enlarged in every part of Kurdistan in 2019 will allow us to enter 2020 with greater hopes. There will be a period in which the revolutionary struggle against dictatorship regimes will rise.

The revolution and freedom forces in four parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East as a whole are expecting a new year in which there will be great struggles and great resistance. Now there is no other way for our people living in Kurdistan and for the pioneers of the Kurdistan Revolution to prepare for the rise of the revolutionary war and to aim the rebellion and uprising to victory. The expectation of our people and all the oppressed is that the new year of struggle, full of great revolutionary possibilities, will be won as a victory year.

We, as Kurdistan communists, repeat our promise. We will continue our revolutionary war against the fascist colonial leadership regime that will raise the flag of revolution and freedom further in the new war year. This is our honor promise to the martyrs who wave our flag in the mountains of Kurdistan, to those who fought to defend the Rojava revolution, and to all martyrs of revolution immortalized for the freedom of Kurdistan.

With this belief and determination, we wish success to everyone who fights for revolution and freedom in the new year of struggle.