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On the 3rd anniversary of their march to immortality, we commemorate the 33 red karanfil of our united revolution, the Suruç martyrs, with respect and declare once again (yinelemek) our promise of commitment to the ideals of the "33 dream travelers". The slogan of Suruç martryrs, "no dream will remain unfulfilled" is anymore HBDH's parole of war and victory. Our united revolution movement will defeat the colonialist occupying fascist regime and present (armağan edecek) the victory of revolution to all of our martyrs, primarily to the Suruç martyrs.


Our martyrs of Suruç are symbolized as the revolutionary vanguards of the youth, within the honorable history of the revolutionary youth movement, With their eternal commitment to the fraternity, equality and united struggle of peoples, they took the flag of the revolutionary tradition of Deniz, Mahir, Ibrahim and Mazlum and raised them in the Gezi uprising and on the fores Kobanê. By following the footsteps of the martyrs of Suruç, the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan will achieve to place themselves among the vanguards of our united revolution.




As being the successors of this historical heritage, the ones who took the task of our united revolution on their shoulders, they fell martyr on the way to Kobanê. These young revolutionaries with a purpose to bring the revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan meet in Kobanê, set off in order to unite the Gezi uprising and Rojava Revolution with their slogan "we defended together, we will build together". They are the sons and daughters of the Gezi uprising that had fought at the barricades of resistance against the fascist dictatorship. This 33 immortal heart defending the honor and freedom against the colonialist occupying fascist regime, had expanded the solidarity, resistance and united struggle within the communes of the Gezi and headed their way towards Kobanê. "Touching the revolution" was residing in the dreams of the 33s, that's why they undertook the responsibility of reconstructing Kobanê with no hesitation. It has to be known that martyrs of Suruç, who brought the barricades of Gezi to the trenches of Kobanê, became the name of the unbreakable bridge which will carry the united revolution of Turkey and Kurdistan to the future.




This is the very reason why th occupying fascist regime and its conductor chef Erdoğan had started their extensive war of liquidation with the massacre attack in Suruç. Then, with the bombardments over the Media Defense Zones, the all-out war of the counter-revolution became in force. Since Suruç and Media Defense Zones are the symbols of our united revolution, they have been taken as targets by the colonialism. After coming out with a huge disappointment from the general elections of 7 July, 2015, and facing with the risk to be judged and jailed because of its involvement in the wheels of bribery, AKP started to get in action with a strategy leaning on war. With its strategy for the new period, the fascist dictatorship aimed to break the will of not only PKK but also of the revolutionary movement, to dissuade them from the armed struggle, to sabotage the increasing manner of de-facto legitimate struggle among the laboring masses. Starting from the vanguards, this new strategy aimed to organize a fear among the masses, to strangle even democratic rights and freedoms which have been gained through hard struggles, to block the orientation of the worker, student and peasant youth towards the struggle of freedom. Other dimension of this strategy, which is being conducted by the chef of the Palace junta, that puts Rojava revolution as a target must also be taken into account. The occupying colonialism, with all its efforts, wanted to prevent the autonomous Rojava from uniting its cantons and spreading over the Northern Syria. Throughout three years after the Suruç massacre, the fascist AKP government had used all forms of the fascist terror depending on lies and force, in order to achieve its goals and it still continues to do. Just as how it did in Afrin before, now the colonialist dictatorship is intensifying its attacks in order to keep the Southern Kurdistan under the cruelty of colonialist occupation. It is conducting far-reaching war in the free mountains of Kurdistan. In Turkey, on the other hand, it is increasing the fascist aggression for the sake of perpetuating its "one man" regime.


The colonialist Turkish state and fascist AKP government, which had sacked the lands of Afrin and intensified the war in Southern Kurdistan, leave the peoples of Turkey nothing other than exploitation, poverty, workplace murders, women slaughter, unemployment, homelessness. In this war against the peoples of Kurdistan, there is no interest for the peoples of Turkey. By taking the flag that the martyrs of Suruç had raised, it has to be sided with the Kurdish people. The flag of the peoples of Turkey waving for freedom, justice and equality, has to be raised as the successors of the struggle of Mahir, Deniz and Ibrahim, the invaluable sons of the peoples of Turkey. This flag is the entrust to you from the immortals of Gezi uprising and the socialists that are murdered in Suruç. Raise the national honor of the peoples of Turkey by embracing this entrust ! Todays major political duty is to embrace the Kurdish people's will of self-determination and to stand shoulder to shoulder with them by upholding the struggle at the front of Turkey.


As the Peoples United Revolution Movement, we declare once again that our 33 red cloves, who are murdered by the AKP-ISIS corporation, are our stars enlighting the path of our revolution. Our peoples, primarily the youth of Turkey and Kurdistan, will wave the flag handed over by the martyrs of Suruç with an honor.


20 July 2018
HBDH Executive Committee