We will Surely Ask For the Account of Our Losses!
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We have bidden farewell to immortality, Atakan Mahir (Ibrahim Coban), the Central Committee Member of the PKK , the component of our united revolutionary struggle, a member of the HPG Commanding Council and the Commander of the Dersim Zone, and his comrades after the inhumane attacks of the fascist Turkish state. We respectfully commemorate our valuable comrades we have lost.

It is the slogan and duty of our united struggle to uphold and move forward the flag of the struggle which has been left to the successors by those who have put signature to countless epics as the pioneers of a great struggle, who have created heroism full of sacrifice spirit, who have lived fulled with the words of freedom as shielding their chests against the preposterous inhumane attacks.

Winning the righteous love of the peoples, comrades, and comrades-in -arm in the fields where he was active of quarter-century struggle, Comrade Atakan took a great effort as a subject of the united struggle in the fields he had been operating since the time of the formation of the HBDH and he took an active part in the formation of Dersim Joint Command. Atakan comrades also served in the Executive Committee of the HBDH and the Joint Command, and presented significant contributions to the organizational and operational work of the HBDH.

Comrade Atakan, was an example to the guerrilla under his command with a militant posture aspiring to the most difficult tasks in a period of intense fascist attacks; an enemy of pessimism, analyst, productive, examining the problems deeply, constantly refreshing himself in practice and pioneering the development of his surroundings, a mature, modest and successful pioneer commander.

The efforts, for the sake of freedom, of the valiant men and women of the Kurdish nation, which have been denied, ignored, suffered massacres for centuries, suffered from all kinds of injustice-wrongdoing and suffered assimilation, have been incredible and the price they had to pay was indescribable. The effort of those who have big targets like freedom is also big, and the price they pay is great. And thus, Comrade Atakan is such a valuable personality, such a valuable militant, such a valuable commander. Comrade Atakan was a valuable trench comrade.

In the period in which the circle of the fascist siege that surrounds the people of Turkey and North Kurdistan is tapered and which the hostility to human values and sensitivities increased unlimitedly, anyone who moves-speaks-appeals is declared as enemy. Kurdish, Alevis, workers, civil servants, peasants, young women, environmentalists, progressive, intellectuals, artists, academicians etc. who are struggling for their right are targeted as "traitor" or "terrorist". Siege is getting narrower.

It is the united struggle of the peoples that will tear apart this siege, fascism, and defeat it. It is the duty and responsibility of our united revolutionary movement to ensure the unity of the peoples who are tried to be hostile to one another, and to lead them in the same ranks against fascism. The tasks that are waiting for our united revolutionary movement are great, and their responsibilities are heavy. Because the target is big.

Comrade Atakan walked in the forefront of this mission and took the role, and did not hesitate for a moment when he was playing his mission. We, his successors, must become Atakan against the fascism besieging the peoples, embrace our roles, and play our mission. This is what the peoples expect from us, from the vanguards. This is also the task that our struggle for the united revolution puts on us.

Our duty to keep the struggle flags at the highest level and to defend the ideals of those who are our foremost walkers in the formation and development of our united struggle, Comrades Sahin, Mercan, Delal Amed, Alişer Dersim, Ulaş Bayraktaroğlu, Ulaş Adalı, Nubar Ozanyan and Atakan Mahir and other comrades, is in our consciousness and heart as the necessity of our comradeship.

This is our promise to comrades; let the history be our witness we will defeat fascism and we will surely ask for the account of our losses.


Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement