We Will Ask For Account of Comrade Baran
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Baran Serhat (Bayram Namaz), the valiant commander of our united revolution, member of MLKP Central Committee, fell martyr on 23 March in the areas of revolutionary war as a result of an attack by the Turkish state and its collaborators.


Comrade Baran had significant experiences in the revolutionary struggle. From the prison to the mountains of Kurdistan, he had accumulated considerable experience in various fields of the struggle and was an exemplary leader. He has taken his place as a determined revolutionary militant in the struggle for freedom and equality. He has been in a constant resistance since he met the revolutionary struggle and has taken an active role in all aspects of the revolutionary struggle. He was at the forefront of the resistance in the dungeons, carried out his revolutionary activities in cities and mountains under severe conditions, and took a leading role. The comrade Baran has profoundly developed himself ideologically and practically, he has believed in the cause of socialism and has gained an important organizational experience for this sake. He has always been determined and willed in opposition to the attacks of fascism. He was in the ranks of resistance with a full revolutionary enthusiasm and excitement.


Since the establishment of our unified revolution movement, he has been involved in the work of the General Council of the HBDH and has taken on important tasks. Comrade Baran had a decisive role in the formation and development of HBDH, and he made great contributions to the development of the unity culture, the development of united revolution understanding, and the joint struggle against fascism. His persistence of the unified revolution struggle in practicality continues to guide us.


Comrade Baran is a revolutionary who has also played a critical role in the organization of his party, the MLKP as a revolutionary from Kurdistan with his participation in the struggle for united revolution. He made valuable contributions both in ideological, political and social works and as well as in military activities. Comrade's struggle determination and discipline has set an example for all comrades who are the executors of the united revolution. His insistence on the struggle would have drawn the attention of his enemy, as he was aimed at by a special attack of the fascist state.


This attack of the enemy shows that the whole of our united revolution movement was targeted in the name of the comrade. This attack will never weaken our determination to fight against the fascist state. On the contrary, our anger against the enemy continues to increase. Comrade Baran's martyrdom necessitates all the HBDH components, supporters and sympathizers of the revolutionary struggle to fight against fascism, spread and develop the war in all areas, and embrace the tasks of this period more determinedly, planned and consciously.


Claiming the memory of our comrade Baran on a correct basis can only be possible through developing the struggle we began against fascism. On this occasion, we call on every revolutionary and democratic organization to take part in organizing wherever they are, to strengthen the unity, to make actions with the unified struggle understanding and to join the move to destroy fascism more determinedly. We invite Kurdistan and the Turkish youth, laborers and women to be in unity and struggle, we invite you to expand resistance.


As the Executive Committee, we would like to announce once again that, in the name of Comrade Baran, we sharpen our insistence on our united revolution organization and struggle.


Like all comrades who have been immortalized in our united revolutionary struggle, we will practice the memory and struggle devotion of Comrade Baran by holding the revolutionary war flag against fascism high.


As the Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement, we will keep Comrade Baran alive in the common struggle of Turkish and Kurdish workers and laborers. We will ask the Turkish state and its collaborators to account for this massacre. On this basis, we convey our condolences to his family, his comrades in combat and our peoples, and share their suffering.


Our united revolution will defeat the fascist Turkish state and our people will win.


Peoples' United Revolution Movement Executive Committee