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15.01.20 / Communist Prisoner İsmail Yılmaz Tortured


MLKP prisoner İsmail Yılmaz, who has been in Elazığ High Security Prison No. 2 since 2017, has not been able to use his rights such as visits, phone calls and cargo purchase for 2 years because he refused to wear the inscription of being terror criminal. Yılmaz's defense notes for the hearing on February 7 were seized by the prison administration. He was also threatened for not taking his cap off during the count.

Medical treatments are forbidden. In addition, Yilmaz was informed by the prison administration that he would not be able to buy books other than on religious holidays, New Year's Eve and birthdays.
The Law Office of the Oppressed demanded that the pressure on their client İsmail Yılmaz and Mahmut Soner, who suffered the same rights violations, end immediately.

Yılmaz is charged with aggravated life imprisonment for participating in the Nusaybin self-government resistance. Ismail Yilmaz, declared in his defense at the hearing, "We followed the light of the Paris Commune. The light of today's self-government resistance will be the light of tomorrow".

31.12.19 / The freedom rebellion of the oppressed will meet revolution in 2020

Our peoples in Kurdistan and the Middle East, their revolutionary and communist pioneers have demonstrated a great resistance to the invasion of the global imperialist forces and the colonialist regional states. We commemorate all the revolutionary fighters who fell martyrs in this resistance, once again by saying: We will make 2020 a year in which hope, resistance and rebellion will meet new revolutions. The rulers will be the target of the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed everywhere and in any situation. The imperialist and colonial war barons will find it harder to find people to fight under the banner of capital in 2020. But the oppressed will be the nightmare of the rulers as a larger mass fighting for their aspirations under the banner of justice, equality and freedom.

As in many parts of the world, in the Middle East, in 2019, our people, especially women, occupied the squares for justice, equality and freedom. They ensured the resignation of the governments. Some of them succeeded in gaining rights. They carried the consciousness of the peoples forward. The most important development of the year 2019 was undoubtedly the mass militancy and pioneering stance of the women's movement in the libertarian struggle of the gender movement.


12.12.19 / Missile Action of Baran Serhat Detachment

The Baran Serhat detachment organized an action against the invaders in memory of Sarya Özgür, a MLKP fighter who immortalized during the Kobane resistance on 12 December 2014.

The Katyusha missile has hit two occupant points.

A fighter explained during the preparation "Today is December 12, 2019. We are on the Tell Temir front. As the Baran Serhat detachment we are preparing to destroy a position in front of us, which the gangs use as an headquarter. As the students of martyr Sarya, we commemorate our comrade with this action. Her memory will enlighten our struggle. We resisted here in Tell Temir, in Serekaniye. We are resisting against the invading Turkish state and its gangs. We will continue the war, that shall be known. We will fight until the end, as comrade Sarya said, we are ready to die for it."

Click Image to watch the missile action.


10.11.19 / MLKP / KKÖ: Comrades Ceren Güneş and Aynur Ada are immortal!

Comrades Ceren Güneş of DKP (B) and Aynur Ada of DKP-BÖG fell martyr in the great resistance against the invasion of Rojava by the colonialist fascist Turkish state.

They rejected the patriarchal capitalist system and all "easy" living opportunities within it and realized their own history in a revolutionary way. In Rojava we fought with them in the International Battalion and witnessed their revolutionary practice. We took part in the defense of our Rojava women revolution, shoulder to shoulder in the battle trenches.
Ceren and Aynur; The ideals of these two pioneering women, who are exemplary revolutionaries of the break-away from the patriarchal bourgeois order, the sharp practical reckoning with traditional roles imposed on women, are our ideals. We once again promise that for these ideals we will raise our level of warfare on all fronts and strengthen our revolutionary commitment to them at every step.
We will draw strength from their responsibility, daring, courage and determination, to shoulder strategic tasks within their party at a young age. We will learn from their practice of becoming leadership and command and force all the possibilities to include it in our leadership style.
Once again we salute all our female comrades who have become immortalized fighting with great devotion and determination in the trenches of Rojava. In the struggle against the invasion of Rojava, we promise victory to all the heroines and heroes of the resistance who have gone to immortality.
Comrades Ceren and Aynur are alive, the fight continues!
Long live our Rojava revolution!
We will defend every position and fight for every piece of land!
Long live the women's comradeship!
Long live our women's revolution!

November 10, 2019
Women's Leadership

12.11.19 / HBDH Militias Commemorated Martyrs Of Rojava

HBDH militias hung banners in Istanbul for the Rojava martyrs Demhat Günebakan (Kerem Pehlivan), Ceren Güneş (Özge Aydın), Aynur Ada (Göze Altunöz) and İmran Fırtına (Yasin Aydın) who immortalized in the resistance against the invasion of the colonialist fascist Turkish state. HBDH militias made the following statement regarding the action:

"We commemorate in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara the vanguards, who turned their face to Rojava during their revolutionary struggle and united the freedom struggle of the kurdish people with the struggle of the Turkish working class in the line of united struggle.

On this basis, as the HBDH militias we carried out banner actions in Istanbul dedicated to our immortals.

Demhat, Ceren, Aynur, Imran; No Pasaran to the invaders, the gangs and the fascists! "

10.11.19 / Turkish Truck Heading To Azaz Destroyed By HBDH

The United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples (HBDH) has claimed responsibility for an action carried out in the southern Turkish province of Adana in memory of DKP/Unity CC member Ceren Güneş.

According to the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' of the revolutionary military alliance, a Turkish truck, which was loaded in the port of Mersin on 7 November and was on its way to the Azaz area in northwest Syria occupied by the Turkish army and jihadist groups, was sabotaged together with its load.

"Every form of support for the occupying forces and the jihadist gangs is a target for us," said the statement by the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' and added; "All transports to the occupied territories - whether military goods, alleged aid or toys - are described by the HBDH as measures to normalize the occupation and cover up the massacres taking place.

The AKP and the gangs it feeds murdered young people in Suruç who wanted to bring toys to Kobanê. Now they are killing children with phosphorus bombs. They cannot wash off the blood on their hands by distributing twelve tons of toys to children before cameras. The children in the region occupied by tanks and grenades, who have their families scattered, their homes plundered, their future taken from them and get assimilated, do not need toys but the opportunity to live humanely and freely with their families on their land. What the Turkish state did to the Alevi children in the Dersim massacre and to the Armenian children in the Armenian genocide, it now repeats to the children of the peoples of Rojava."

The HBDH militia dedicated their sabotage action to doctor and commander Ceren Güneş (Özge Aydın), who died on 3 November defending Rojava against the Turkish invasion. Ceren Güneş marched on the path of those saying ‘Man lives and dies only once. Revolutionary people are those who do both right', added the statement.



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Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!

26 September 2019

26/09/2019 / FESK / Statement The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed.