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13.03.19 / MLKP Central Comittee: Let’s Turn our Anger against the Fascist Colonialists into the Fire of Newroz!

The colonialists who are getting mad by the freedom struggle are attacking with all their power and means in order to make Kurdistan give up, to suppress the Rojava revolution, to capture Northern Kurdistan via the genocidal massacre and prison machinery, to keep the administration of South Kurdistan in a collaborator line and provide military bases and commercial privileges to Turkish bourgeois state under the conditions of Iraq's colonialist yoke, to mobilize all military, financial, diplomatic opportunities in order to preserve the colonialist yoke of the Iranian bourgeois Mullah state in East Kurdistan.

Despite tenseness and polarization depending on their conflict of interest in single cases, the imperialist world stands at the side of the regional colonialists. The hostility against Kurdish nation's freedom and the right of unity of Kurdistan is the common attitude of the imperialists with the regional colonialists. The occupation of Afrin, air attacks over Shengal and the continuous air bombardments over the Media Defense Areas do all carry the approval of the US, Russia, England, Germany and France. The colonialist war of which the Turkish bourgeois state carries out in Northern Kurdistan with a genocidal mentality depends on these state's support in various forms. The isolation system in Imralı and declaring PKK as an enemy are based on this complicity.

The regional colonialist states are the enemies standing not only against the national freedom Kurdish people but also against the freedom of Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Azerbaijanis, Chaldean, Syriac, Armenian, Turkmen peoples, their brotherly and comradely cooperation and solidarity based on national equality. The workers, poor and the oppressed in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine have common sufferings. Let the complicity with the colonialist policies aside, an unconcerned attitude towards the struggle of Kurdish people would pave the way for the sovereigns to strengthen, multiplying the sufferings of the poor and the oppressed.

To Our Kurdish people!

On this Newroz which will be celebrated right in the center of a fate determining fighting process, let's set strong Newroz fires in all parts of Kurdistan as well as in every corner we live in the world, especially in Europe. Let's rise the flag of freedom in Bakur, Rojhilat and Başur. Let's celebrate the victory of Rojava revolution against ISIS, the rebellion of people of Şeladize against the colonialist Turkish bourgeois state in the squares. Let's show the fascist colonialists and imperialist powers that the determination and power of Kurdish people's struggle for national freedom cannot be stopped. Let's shoot out that the torch of the Blacksmith Kawa will never go out, that the colonialism, fascism, racism will definitely but definitely be defeated.

To Our Turkish, Arab, Persian, Azerbaijanis, Chaldean, Syriac, Armenian, Turkmen peoples!

Let's participate the Newroz celebrations in which our Kurdish people will rise the flag of freedom and honor. Let's organize Newroz celebrations outside of Kurdistan, in cities where our Kurdish don't live. Lets work for united and enthusiastic newroz celebrations in Europe and different parts of the world. Let's turn Newroz into a unity, solidarity and struggle day for the freedom of laborers, poor and oppressed peoples of Kurdistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Let's rise our voice against the intense isolation chain and the isolation terror in prisons. In this great fight carried out against exploitation, cruelty, enslavement of human by human, poverty and injustice, let's bring the day of victory closer.


Newroz Pîroz Be!
Down with the Fascist Dictatorship! Down with Imperialism!
Long live the Equality, Fraternity and Solidarity of Peoples!
Bıjî Newroz Bıjî Azadî! Long live Newroz Long Live Socialism!


MLKP Central Comittee
March 13, 2019

16.03.19 / Red Dawn is Released!



Trump, Bolsonaro, Orban, Modi, Erdogan...the list can be continued.  In terms of existential crisis of capitalism, the threat of fascism manifestates itself more and more in the political world arena. A general polarization tendency within the whole ruling order deepens, fascist parties and leaders have been elected into state positions and mobilize their own mass basis. In view of these developments, also theoretical discussions on fascism spark.


17.03.19 / International Bulletin is Released!

09.03.19 / Thousands of Women gathered in Taksim: 8 March cannot be Banned!


Thousands of women came together in front of the French Cultural Center in Beyoğlu, İstanbul to hold their 17th Feminist Night March on the occasion of March 8 International Women's Day.


09.03.19 / March 8 Actions in Northern and Eastern Syria

 Tens of thousands of women rallied in the cantones Qamishlo, Kobane and Shehba to celebrate 8 March, International Women's Day.

The Revolutionary Communist Women (Jinen Komünist en Şoreşger - JKŞ) participated to the celebrations in Qamislo and Kobane with its own banners and slogans for the first time after its foundation.


06.03.19 / MLKP/KKÖ: On 8 March; to Strike, to the Streets, to Rebellion!



On 8 March; to Strike, to the Streets, to Rebellion! 


8 March, the international struggle day of the worker, laborer and the oppressed women is approaching. By stopping the life in houses, streets, workplaces and factories, we are preparing to say "we were, we are and we will be!" in every place producing life, love and humanity.



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