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20.11.18 / New Issue Of Red Dawn Released!


Click here to download the new issue of our International Theoretical Organ Red Dawn:


17.11.18 / New Issue Of Our International Bulletin


This issue contents letters of our immortals, an article concerning our month of immortals and an interview with commander Ahmet Şoreş concerning Raqqa and Afrin.

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12.11.18 / MLKP/Kürdistan: Down with Imperialism, Long live Revolution!

Here's the statement of MLKP/Kürdistan on the US' bountry on the three leader executives of KCK and PKK , Murat Karayılan, Duran Kalkan and Cemil Bayık:


09.11.18 / November Martyr’s Commemoration In Dirbesîye


The Institution for People's Unity and Solidarity (SYPG) organized a memorial event as part of the November commemorations, which is the month of our martyrs.

The Martyrs' Families Institution took part in the commemoration, which was held in the Rüstem Cudi martyr‘s grave. The commemoration began with a moment of silence in memory of the martyrs of the revolution. Mahmut Ose, speaking on behalf of SYPG, stated that "the martyrs sacrificed their lives for the Rojava revolution and the freedom of the peoples. Commemorating them is possible by embracing the ideals of their path. We will fight until the last for the freedom, they fought for.

SYPG activist Muhammad Qasım stated that the SYPG campaign "We Defend Our Revolution" is also a commitment to the martyrs.


07.11.18 / SYPG Held A Public Meeting In Amude


A mass public meeting was held in the city of Amude in the Canton Qamishlo as part of the campaign "We Defend Our Revolution" which is organized by the Institution for People's Unity and Solidarity (SYPG) in Northern Syria and Rojava.

The meeting was held at the Kerema Wedding Hall, attended by the Martyrs' Families, Amude People's Assembly representatives, Congress Star, PYD, Kurdistan Left Party, PDKS and the Autonomous Administration of the region Cizire. The meeting started with a moment of silence.

Beritan Asya spoke in the name of SYPG: "As SYPG we have started a campaign in Cizire and Euphrates regions with the slogan defending our revolution' for more than two months ago. Today we are going through a new process. The process we are going through today wants us to reinforce our organization and defend our lands against all the invaders and massacres. The gains of the Rojava revolution are the acquisition of the whole North and East Syria. To defend these achievements as a socialist and communist movement today, we must present our stance in the face of these invading attacks with our organization and power. There are two options for us: first and most importantly, military defense, which alone will not be enough. Women, young people should take their place in this defense by seeing their responsibilities, and if we want to defend our lives, ourselves, our revolution, our lands, the whole society should see itself as part of the defense. We must further strengthen our social organization against the invading fascist attacks."

Afterwards, Rubar Derik spoke in the name of YPG: "I would like to thank the SYPG, who provided the opportunity to meet with you here. During the 7-year period of the Rojava Revolution, the YPG along with our people, has faced many attacks. As the YPJ and DSG forces, we succeeded in bringing this revolution to this day with the resistance of our martyrs in a bouncer manner. A lot of our friends fell martyrs while they defended the revolution. We do not forget our old days, we are learning lessons from our experiences today to strengthen the organization of our people. We are calling all the parts of society, women, youth, the elderly to be organized in the military and social areas against the invasion of the occupation. We will continue to defend the Rojava revolution and our lands with the YPG, YPJ, DSG and the movements in it. We will carry the flag that our martyrs have left us until the last drop of our blood."

05.11.18 / Martyrs Commemoration In Stuttgart


In Stuttgart, Germany, a commemoration for all martyrs of revolution was organized with the slogan "We will defeat fascism and colonialism in the footsteps of our immortals". The commemoration started with a moment of silence. Families of those who lost their lives in the revolutionary struggle also participated in the event. In the speech made on behalf of the families, it was emphasized that the void left by those who became immortal will be filled and the struggle continues with determination. Vatan Budak's father, Murat Budak, said in his speech: "I am proud and upright standing as a father of a martyr. I will give power to those who fight and letthe enemy fear."

After the Video presentation introducing the martyrs of the MLKP, a speech on behalf of the MLKP was held: "This period is a period of not hesitating. This period is a period of courage. This period is a day of pioneering spirit and practice to give shoulder to those who put forward the necessary sacrifice for victory. Now is the time of resisting."

Former HDP MP Nursel Aydogan condemned the attacks of the Turkish state on Rojava and guerrilla cemeteries: "We are burying our martyrs in our hearts and not in the ground. They would continue to live in our hearts."


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