MLKP/KKÖ Guerillas: “Women must meet with the means of violence”
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The women guerrillas of MLKP/KKÖ (Communist Women's Organization) welcomed the 25th of November with the ongoing resistance in Medya Defense Areas. In the interview made with Doğa Asiman and Ivana Aurora, the communist guerrillas emphasized the necessity of women's self-defense and organized struggle, stating that "Women must meet with the means of violence".


On the importance of 25th of November, the women guerrilla Doğa Asiman stated as follows:

"Women have been in the oppressed gender position, ever since the private poverty appeared in the stage of the history. Because of the gender roles imposed by the society, women are exposed to the violence and massacre by favour of the state, society and family.


The 25th of November is the manifestation of women's organizational level, in which women from all around the world stand against the patriarchal capitalist system that impose its dominance, exploitation and massacre upon them, and manifest their rebellion and anger.


Emphasizing the parallelism between the extension of the violence against women and intensification of the economic crisis of the capitalist-imperialist system, Asiman said: "The sexual, physical, psychological and economic forms of the violence have been integrated. Every day, tens of women are being murdered, hundreds of them are being exposed to harassment and rape. But all the institutions of the fascist patriarchal state, specifically the jurisdiction, keep on inviting new massacres by good conduct time or covering the truth.However women turn their faces to rebellion and freedom in order to settle a score with the patriarchal capitalist system and destruct its foundations on behalf of all murdered women.

Our struggle is growing; in one hand, with the women's rebellion that started with Özgecan Aslan's murder and continued with the self-defense actions of Nevin and Çilem. And on the other, it grows with Awesta Xabur, who made her body as a shield against the AKP and its gangs' occupation on Afrin, or with Êkin Wan and Sêvê who are the symbols of women's liberation struggle against the colonialist Turkish state's violence. Today, women, who defend the right to life with the will of calling to the account, have been placed themselves in all fields of the struggle; taking roots in the mountains, sieging the cities. As the communist women growing the fight and rebellion in the guerrilla areas, we repeat our promise: on behalf of those who fight and those who are murdered, we will overthrow the capitalist patriarchal order and build a new, free and equal world."


Pointing out the increasing attacks of the patriarchal fascist dictatorship against women throughout 16 years of AKP government, Asiman said: "Against these attacks, our struggle for women's liberation turned towards the rebellion which makes our watchword of women revolution become concrete and strong. (...) Men want the continuity of their dominance both in the "private life" and in the social life. For this sake men deem proper the violence and death for the women who do not obey them. Man made woman alienated from her gender. There is only one way for women against the patriarchal fascist dictatorship: to create their own organized force/power.

Women who would stand against the harasser with their red sticks, should also know that they must take up arms when required. Women should make their right to life meet with a new consciousness and action. In this matter, the self-defense actions of Nevin, Yasemin and Namme are our pathfinders. The consciousness, mind and action of women should meet with means of violence, and comprehend the necessity of self-defense. This is exactly what our lever for the women's liberation struggle. Being as our signal flare all murdered women are calling to grow the rebellion against violence, harassment and rape; both in cities and in the mountains."



The internationalist guerrilla Ivana Aurora on the other hand emphasized the importance of the 25th of November for all women of the world: "From the Jakarta ghettos to the poor houses of Rio de Janeiro, the 25th of November has an importance for the whole world. It stands as a memory of fight and resistance within our gender's collective history. Our goal is to destroy the patriarchy, the fascist imperialist capitalist system. (...) The colonialist Turkish army represents the most pure form of male violence. They take the advantage of women being deprived of freedom, being suppressed under fascism and patriarchal system. We are fighting for the Rojava revolution and all other parts of Kurdistan. Being as a women revolution, we do help Kurdish women to defend themselves in Rojava. (...) As women guerrillas, here is our message: the organized women are strong, brave and have the power that is needed to lead the armed struggle towards our emancipation. The 25th of November carries the most violent and barbaric approaches against women, but we, the women guerrillas are the living alternative to this. The women revolution is possible. Women can be powerful warriors, powerful commanders. We can take our own emancipation in our hands and fight for our freedom. You are not alone; there is an alternative! With a united and powerful revolutionary heart, we can fight shoulder to shoulder against patriarchal capitalist system, for our freedom. So far, all of us have been targeted by the patriarchal system's violence in various forms, but we will bring the book. We can spread the hope for all oppressed women of the world.


First, the poor women of the Paris ghettos captured the artilleries of the army, and the resistance of the Paris commune had started. And they did all these together. When the proletarian women of Russia took the St. Petersburg streets with their demand of "bread and rose", the revolution had already started by all together. Same for the black revolution in USA, when the women of the Black Panthers took up arms against racism, patriarchy and capitalism. The unity of women is our most powerful and valuable weapon. The truth is that, either we fight and take our freedom all together, or we die alone. We must carry out a political-military struggle.


The martyrs of our party, Sarya, Avaşin, Roza, Berçem, Ekin, Raperin, Destan, Arjin and Sarin comrades gave their own beautiful colors to the international women's struggle. They fought against capitalist patriarchy. They were all focused on the revolution for women's freedom. And their hopeful songs and beautiful light is now enlightening our path"