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10.11.19 / MLKP / KKÖ: Comrades Ceren Güneş and Aynur Ada are immortal!

Comrades Ceren Güneş of DKP (B) and Aynur Ada of DKP-BÖG fell martyr in the great resistance against the invasion of Rojava by the colonialist fascist Turkish state.

They rejected the patriarchal capitalist system and all "easy" living opportunities within it and realized their own history in a revolutionary way. In Rojava we fought with them in the International Battalion and witnessed their revolutionary practice. We took part in the defense of our Rojava women revolution, shoulder to shoulder in the battle trenches.
Ceren and Aynur; The ideals of these two pioneering women, who are exemplary revolutionaries of the break-away from the patriarchal bourgeois order, the sharp practical reckoning with traditional roles imposed on women, are our ideals. We once again promise that for these ideals we will raise our level of warfare on all fronts and strengthen our revolutionary commitment to them at every step.
We will draw strength from their responsibility, daring, courage and determination, to shoulder strategic tasks within their party at a young age. We will learn from their practice of becoming leadership and command and force all the possibilities to include it in our leadership style.
Once again we salute all our female comrades who have become immortalized fighting with great devotion and determination in the trenches of Rojava. In the struggle against the invasion of Rojava, we promise victory to all the heroines and heroes of the resistance who have gone to immortality.
Comrades Ceren and Aynur are alive, the fight continues!
Long live our Rojava revolution!
We will defend every position and fight for every piece of land!
Long live the women's comradeship!
Long live our women's revolution!

November 10, 2019
Women's Leadership

12.11.19 / HBDH Militias Commemorated Martyrs Of Rojava

HBDH militias hung banners in Istanbul for the Rojava martyrs Demhat Günebakan (Kerem Pehlivan), Ceren Güneş (Özge Aydın), Aynur Ada (Göze Altunöz) and İmran Fırtına (Yasin Aydın) who immortalized in the resistance against the invasion of the colonialist fascist Turkish state. HBDH militias made the following statement regarding the action:

"We commemorate in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara the vanguards, who turned their face to Rojava during their revolutionary struggle and united the freedom struggle of the kurdish people with the struggle of the Turkish working class in the line of united struggle.

On this basis, as the HBDH militias we carried out banner actions in Istanbul dedicated to our immortals.

Demhat, Ceren, Aynur, Imran; No Pasaran to the invaders, the gangs and the fascists! "

10.11.19 / Turkish Truck Heading To Azaz Destroyed By HBDH

The United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples (HBDH) has claimed responsibility for an action carried out in the southern Turkish province of Adana in memory of DKP/Unity CC member Ceren Güneş.

According to the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' of the revolutionary military alliance, a Turkish truck, which was loaded in the port of Mersin on 7 November and was on its way to the Azaz area in northwest Syria occupied by the Turkish army and jihadist groups, was sabotaged together with its load.

"Every form of support for the occupying forces and the jihadist gangs is a target for us," said the statement by the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' and added; "All transports to the occupied territories - whether military goods, alleged aid or toys - are described by the HBDH as measures to normalize the occupation and cover up the massacres taking place.

The AKP and the gangs it feeds murdered young people in Suruç who wanted to bring toys to Kobanê. Now they are killing children with phosphorus bombs. They cannot wash off the blood on their hands by distributing twelve tons of toys to children before cameras. The children in the region occupied by tanks and grenades, who have their families scattered, their homes plundered, their future taken from them and get assimilated, do not need toys but the opportunity to live humanely and freely with their families on their land. What the Turkish state did to the Alevi children in the Dersim massacre and to the Armenian children in the Armenian genocide, it now repeats to the children of the peoples of Rojava."

The HBDH militia dedicated their sabotage action to doctor and commander Ceren Güneş (Özge Aydın), who died on 3 November defending Rojava against the Turkish invasion. Ceren Güneş marched on the path of those saying ‘Man lives and dies only once. Revolutionary people are those who do both right', added the statement.


10.11.19 / Rojava Martyrs From Turkey Commemorated In Istanbul

The four revolutionary fighters DKP/Union CC member Özge Aydın (Ceren Güneş), DKP/BÖG CC member Göze Altınöz (Aynur Ada), DKP/BÖG fighter Yasin Aydın (İmran Fırtına) and MLKP fighter Kerem Pehlivan (Demhat Günebakan), who immortalized during the invasion attacks of the fascist Turkish state against northern and eastern Syria, were commemorated with ceremonies held in Istanbul - Kadıköy.

HDP Istanbul MP ​​Musa Piroglu and HDP Istanbul Provincial executives, ÖTSP, ESP and Revolutionary Party members and families of the fighters, who lost their lives in North and East Syria, participated in the commemoration ceremony.

The first commemoration ceremony was held for DKP / Union fighter Özge Aydın at HDP Kadıköy District Building. At the event organized by Komün Magazine, a Video screening was shown and letters sent by the prisoners from Edirne, Kandira, Kırıkkale, Tekirdağ and Bakırköy prisons were read in memory of Özge Aydın.

The secon ceremony was held for BÖG fighters Göze Altınöz, Yasin Aydın and MLKP fighters Kerem Pehlivan in the Revolutionary Party Kadikoy District building. The ceremony started with a Video screening to commemorate the four fighters who died in Til Tamir. After the Video, the friends of those who lost their lives said, "Today, we remember the comrades Gözde, Yasin, Kerem and Özge. As the followers of the torch that we have taken over from our comrades, we will take the power of youth together with the working class and oppressed to step further."

09.11.19 / Ceremony For 14 Martyrs In Derik

Thousands of people gathered in Derik city of Rojava to bid farewell to 14 fighers who fell martyr in the resistance against the genocidal invasion of the fascist Turkish state in North and East Syria, among them also internationalist fighters from Turkey. The Rojava resistance's martyrs; Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters Ebdulselam Hesen (Harûn Çiya), Sefqan Mûsa (Sefqan Dêrik), Masûm Mecid(Botan), Melik Mihemed (Botan Ceger), Sabrî Ebdulrehman (Xebat Dêrik), Besil Şawêş (Mîtan Qehreman), Îbrahîm Hesen (Egîd Dêrik), Ridwan Mihemed (Kortayî Amed), Rohlah Tirnsa (Şahan Melekşah), Cîhan Atîk (Bahoz), Ozge Aydın (Ceren Güneş), Yasin Aydin (Imran Firtina), Göze Altunöz (Aynur Ada) and civilian Serxwebûn Elî, who fell during protest against Turkish-Russian patrol. During the ceremony, the coffins were taken in a convoy from the Şehîd Hogir Hospital to the Şehîd Xebat Cemetery of Martyrs, where a farewell ceremony took place. Speaking at the ceremony at Şehîd Xebat Cemetery of Martyrs which began with a minute of silence, Heyfa Erebo on behalf of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria offered condolences to the families of martyrs and the peoples of North and East Syria. Remarking that the Honor Resistance has made an overwhelming impression all over the world, Heyfa Erebo criticised the silence of the states on the savage practices and crimes of the Turkish state.

07.11.19 / DKP/BÖG Fighters Altunöz And Aydın Fell Martyrs In Rojava

The Revolutionary Communars Party / United Freedom Forces (DKP / BÖG) announced that one of its CC members, Göze Altunöz, and one of its fighters, Yasin Aydın, have fallen martyr.

In a statement, it was said: "Revolutionary Communars Party / United Freedom Forces Central Committee and founding member Göze Altunöz (Aynur Ada) and our fighter Yasin Aydin (Imran Firtina) have fallen martyr during the resistance against the Turkish state invasion of the territory of Rojava.

Our comrades, who have been on the front lines from the first day against the invasion attacks carried out by Turkish colonialism and its occupation of Rojava within the Battalion of International Freedom, have become the seed of freedom as they have become immortal. They did not give way to occupation, fascism, colonialism and imperialism.

Comrade Aynur was a founding member of our Party and Women's Union of Women's Communes / Women's Freedom Force. She had been a militant revolutionary and women's liberation fighter from high school to Gezi barricades.

Imran had been involved in revolutionary struggle in the cities of Turkey before becoming immortal in Rojava."

DKP / BÖG disclosed the identity of the martyrs as follows:

"Name / Surname: Göze Altunöz
Party Name: Aynur Ada
Place of Birth: Edirne
Date of Birth: 31.05.1994
Place of Martyrdom: Til Temir
Date of martyrdom: 6.11.2019


Name / Surname: Yasin Aydın
Party Name: Imran Firtina
Place of Birth: Erzurum
Date of Birth: 15.07.1995
Place of Martyrdom: Til Temir
Date of Martyrdom: 6.11.2019. "


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Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!

26 September 2019

26/09/2019 / FESK / Statement The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed.