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20.08.19 / Protests Continue against Seizing Kurdish People’s Will

On August 19, the colonialist Turkish state seized local administrations of three major cities of North Kurdistan, Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin, by appointing colonialist trustees in the place of elected mayors. Hundreds were detained in operations carried out in tandem. Following the suspension of the mayors, police forces laid a siege on the three municipalities and launched a crackdown against HDP members and people who took to the streets in protest at the unlawful seizure of their municipalities. However peoples of North Kurdistan and Turkey keep on protesting this anti-democratic fascist move of Erdoğan's state in various cities.


18.08.19 / Commemorations for the Communist Fighters Taylan Kutlar and Hıdır Çallı in North and East Syria


MLKP/FESK Rural Guerrilla Units fighters Taylan Kutlar (Adil Yıldırım) and Hıdır Çallı (Özkan Aslan), who fell martyr on July 10, by an air attack of Turkish army, are commemorated by the peoples of Rojava and MLKP fighters in cities Qamişlo, Serêkaniyê and Dirbêsiyê of North and East Syria.


29.07.19 / MLKP Militias On The Streets In Gazi


The MLKP militias condemned the Suruç massacre in the workers-district Gazi .

The militias sprayed Graffitis on the walls. During the action the militias coincided with gangs selling drugs in the quarter. Meanwhile, there was a short fight between the MLKP militias and the gangs.

The militias, who did not allow gangs and drug sales, made agitation speeches on the streets.

20.07.19 / Commemoration Of Suruç Martyrs

The 4th anniversary of the Suruç Massacre was commemorated at the graves of the 33 dream followers who lost their lives.


Cebrail Günebakan, a member of CC of the Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ) who lost his life during the Suruç massacre, was commemorated at his grave in Karakoçan, Elazığ. HDP Elazığ Province and Karakoçan District Organization, ESP , SKM, SGD F and his family participated in the commemoration.

In the speech made on behalf of the SGDF, the commemoration started with a respect stance, "4 years ago today our comrades set out to bring toys to the children of Kobanê to participate in the construction of the revolution, the land of the revolution. Our struggle is to realize their dreams, to ask account for Suruç."

In the speech made on behalf of ESP and SKM, the following statements were included: "They set out for a dream. They went to rebuild a destroyed city. They went to bring hope for children. Their dreams were a classless world without exploitation. We will make their unfinished dreams come true."

The commemoration ended with the slogans "Suruç martyrs are immortal" and "Revolution martyrs are immortal".


Hundreds of people came together to commemorate Ece Dinç in Karacaahmet cemetery, Nazegül Boyraz in Küçükyalı cemetery, Duygu Tuna, Cemil Yıldız and İsmet Şeker in Gazi cemetery, Vatan Budak in Karlıtepe cemetery, Büşra Mete in Ihlamurkuyu cemetery and Alper Sapan in Kurtköy cemetery.

After the commemoration, the mass left the cemetery and went to the bite event given to those who lost their lives in Suruç in Hacı Bektaşi Veli Cemevi.

Polen Ünlü and Hatice Ezgi Sadet, who lost their lives in the massacre, were also commemorated at the Ihlamurkuyu cemetery.

Hatice Ezgi Sadet's mother Sunay Sadet, speaking at the commemoration, said: "The participation of the people this year is much more. The massacre was heard more in the press. They brought a different feeling. It brought us a different peace of mind to see you here. It is very difficult for me to share emotions at the moment. The things I live in are completely different, what I see is completely different."

Commemorations in Van, Yuksekova and Mus

Yunus Emre Şen who lost his life in the massacre was commemorated in Van, Süleyman Aksu in Yüksekova, Mücahit Erol, Medali Barutçu and Serhat Devrim in Muş.


HDP Muş Province organization and ESP members commemorated Mücahit Erol, Medali Barutçu and Serhat Devrim at their graves. HDP members as well as families attended the event.

20.07.19 / Police Attacks On The Memorials Of Suruç In Ankara And Istanbul

In order to commemorate the 33 "dream followers" who lost their lives during the Suruç massacre actions were organized in Turkey and Kurdistan. The police attacked actions in Ankara and Istanbul.

In Ankara police ttacked the commemoration on the grounds that the Governor's ban on Sakarya Street in Ankara. Many people were detained in torture. During the attacks, the police tried to confiscate the phones of those who tried to record the attacks.

In Istanbul, the police attacked the crowd after a sit-in on the 20th of every month in Kadıköy Halitağa. Following the sit-in of the Suruç families, the crowd marched for a rally in front of the Kadıköy Süreyya Opera House. Meanwhile, the police barricaded the crowd.

Police attacked not only those who participated in the action, but also people in the restaurants and cafes around Chalcedon Square In spite of the attacks, the mass marched to the streets by shouting slogans: "Justice for Suruç is justice for all", "Do not forget Suruç", "Youth will ask the account of the murderers".

20.07.19 / Graffiti For Suruç Martyrs By KGÖ Women


Young women of MLKP / KGÖ (Communist Youth Organization) made graffitis for the anniversary of the Suruç massacre.

In the working-class district Gazi , the slogans "Women will take revenge for Suruç", "To the victory with the dreams of Polen, Ezgi, Ece" and "The 33 live in our struggle" were written on the walls.


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