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27.01.20 / Kobanê Peoples Celebrate Liberation Anniversary

Thousands of Arabs and Kurds took to the streets ın Kobanê today to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the liberation of their city and the 6th anniversary of the Kobanê Autonomous Administration.

Masses gathered at the central Şehîd Egîd Square which was the scene of fiercest battles between YPG/YPJ fighters and ISIS mercenaries.

PYD, JKŞ, Congress Star, TKŞ, TEV-DEM, North and East Syrian Autonomous Administration Representatives from Manbij and Girê Spî attended the celebrations. Music groups sang Kurdish and Arabic songs at the event.

21.01.20 / 'Dema Baranan' Documentary Ready For Screening

The documentary "Dema Baranan", prepared by the Yapicilar Film Collective, was completed as a cross-section of the MLKP's revolutionary march of hope and victory.

The documentary, shot in Rojava and Media Defense Areas, tells the story of MLKP's 25-year history, as well as its perspective on revolutionary strategy and political-military struggle. The communists talk in front of the camera about Turkey-Kurdistan regional revolution and the Middle East regional revolution perspective.

In the documentary, where MLKP's struggle in Rojava, the free mountains and war experiences are also transferred, there are also interviews made on behalf of the Communist Women's Organization (KKÖ) and the Communist Youth Organization (KGÖ). Also many people from different social backgrounds and nationalities talk about the changes in their lifes, after they've met the communists.

The broadcast of the documentary, which was attributed to the MLKP MK member Baran Serhad, who was murdered on March 23, 2019, was postponed to a later date due to the Turkish state's invasion attack on Rojava.

The documentary also cites MLKP's war practice in the Rojava and Media Defense Areas, while communists who have fought against the gangs in Serêkaniyê, which had been occupied in the past months, are also sharing their experiences.

Click here to watch the trailer:


21.01.20 / ''Afrin Is Ours, Our Resistance Will Liberate It''

The Communist Revolutionary Movement (TKŞ), issued a statement in the second year of the Turkish occupation in Afrin:

"2 years ago an important part of the land in Rojava the Afrin canton has been occupied by Turkey and its gangs which was internationally supported with a concept of a siege. The occupier Turkish state which followed a tactics to strangulate our revolution with step by step occupation suffered great losses confronting a will of steel, during the 2 months lasting resistance of the age. The fascist, invading Turkish state, which did not proceed even one step without its heaviest technique, started the occupation movement with the approval of primarily the Russian, American and international imperialist states and colonial regional states.
Opening the airspace of Russia, the US, UN, EU and other imperialist states remained silent during the weeks and months in which Turkey and its gangs commited crimes against humanity. Because they are all people's enemies, they are all enemies of revolution. The common purpose of all is to break the Rojava revolution and women's will, which represents a garden of peoples and freedoms. And it is not a coincidence that Afrin, which represents the Kurds, Arabs, Alevis, Armenians and the women's will and people's brotherhood is targeted. During the occupation period, hundreds of civilian people, children, women and elderly people were massacred. After hundreds of fighter were martyred and the epic resistance that lasted for 2 months, the Turkish Republic and its gangs that occupied Afrin started to change the demographic structure by placing family members of gangs in Afrin and then the people's homes, goods were plundered, historical places were destroyed and tens of thousands of olive trees symbolized by Afrin were cut. They started an ecological destruction. Civilian people were kidnapped, tortured and raped. With this occupation movement, the Turkish Republic, which once again put the occupation landscapes of the Ottoman in Efrin, targeted the common life of the peoples of the region, which gained the freedoms of the Kurdish people, primarily through the Rojava revolution. They aimed to destroy the gains of women's will, which had retarded the thousands years lasting patriarchy. But they could not achieve their goals. Rojava and Northern Syrian peoples continued to claim their gains in the face of this invasion attack.

This concept of destroying by the Turkish state, which is its reason for existence, continued with the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Gîre Spî. The imperialist powers and the colonialist regional states want to impose surrender by directly or indirectly supporting this occupation movement, pulling the achievements of the revolution to the lowest point.

We, as the Communist Revolutionary Movement, once again repeat our promise to all our peoples to thousands of martyrs who were martyred in the Rojava revolution and Afrin defense. We will defend our revolution and achievements with the resistance manifesto of Avestas, Barin, Tirêj, Free, Zeynells, Adlar and Gulan. The liberation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and all lands under occupation is our reason for existence. "

20.01.20 / The Resistance Will Expel The Occupyers, Afrin Will Be Liberated


The occupation attacks of the fascist Turkish state against Afrin which began on 20 January 2018, reached its second year. Thousands of people were massacred and hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes after the attacks.
Afrin has been looted and pillaged. The occupant AKP regime is deepening the genocide in and around Afrin, and is still intending to strangle the people of Afrin under encirclement. Thousands from the Kurdish and Arab families who remained in the city have been abducted by the gangs. The fate of hundreds of people is still unknown," said the statement.


15.01.20 / Communist Prisoner İsmail Yılmaz Tortured


MLKP prisoner İsmail Yılmaz, who has been in Elazığ High Security Prison No. 2 since 2017, has not been able to use his rights such as visits, phone calls and cargo purchase for 2 years because he refused to wear the inscription of being terror criminal. Yılmaz's defense notes for the hearing on February 7 were seized by the prison administration. He was also threatened for not taking his cap off during the count.

Medical treatments are forbidden. In addition, Yilmaz was informed by the prison administration that he would not be able to buy books other than on religious holidays, New Year's Eve and birthdays.
The Law Office of the Oppressed demanded that the pressure on their client İsmail Yılmaz and Mahmut Soner, who suffered the same rights violations, end immediately.

Yılmaz is charged with aggravated life imprisonment for participating in the Nusaybin self-government resistance. Ismail Yilmaz, declared in his defense at the hearing, "We followed the light of the Paris Commune. The light of today's self-government resistance will be the light of tomorrow".

31.12.19 / The freedom rebellion of the oppressed will meet revolution in 2020

Our peoples in Kurdistan and the Middle East, their revolutionary and communist pioneers have demonstrated a great resistance to the invasion of the global imperialist forces and the colonialist regional states. We commemorate all the revolutionary fighters who fell martyrs in this resistance, once again by saying: We will make 2020 a year in which hope, resistance and rebellion will meet new revolutions. The rulers will be the target of the revolutionary struggle of the oppressed everywhere and in any situation. The imperialist and colonial war barons will find it harder to find people to fight under the banner of capital in 2020. But the oppressed will be the nightmare of the rulers as a larger mass fighting for their aspirations under the banner of justice, equality and freedom.

As in many parts of the world, in the Middle East, in 2019, our people, especially women, occupied the squares for justice, equality and freedom. They ensured the resignation of the governments. Some of them succeeded in gaining rights. They carried the consciousness of the peoples forward. The most important development of the year 2019 was undoubtedly the mass militancy and pioneering stance of the women's movement in the libertarian struggle of the gender movement.



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Workers, Women, Youth And Poor Thirsty For Justice!

26 September 2019

26/09/2019 / FESK / Statement The fascist chief-regime managed to outpace all the previous fascist regimes regarding its hostility against the laboring and oppressed.